Keltec P11 M*Carbo Full Install

Hi everyone -

Just got my pistol permit a few months ago, and was handed down a Keltec P11 and a Ruger SR9 from my father. With the Keltec my father also gave me the stainless guide pin, recoil spring and trigger spring kit from M*Carbo. Today I ordered the flat trigger kit, their gunsmithing block and the notch hand tool. I also ordered a full set of punches off amazon and some flitz polishing paste so I can polish the ramp and a few other areas on it.

I am mechanically handy and this is my first time modifying a pistol. Any suggestions from the veterans to a first timer? I’m going to take my time and make this a nice carry, and also for my girlfriend to shoot when we goto the range since its smaller.

Appreciate any advise, thank you.


Welcome along. I think you will find all your answers and more here. If you have a dremel type tool and a felt wheel, the flitz will polish your feed rams to a chrome like slippery.


This was my second pistol after i got out of the Navy. LOVED IT!

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Hi, I’ve carried a P11 since 2005 and if you can find any of the KTOG “fluff-n-buff” articles, follow those instructions. I did install the MCarbo trigger spring kit and stainless guide rod (polish the guide rod before installation) and found the trigger spring kit helped with the pull weight.
Before I found MCarbo, I had installed the Northwood (out of production) trigger and a stainless magazine release button from as the plastic release has been known to break.
I also recommend the Hogue HandAll Jr grip sleeve; the pistol is quite snappy on recoil and the HandAll helps.
It’s a CCW weapon not a target pistol. Keep that in mind when you go to the range, especially if your girlfriend is recoil sensitive.
Good Luck.
Oh, and S&W 15 round mags do run in the P11 but you may have to put Wolf +10% springs in them.


Welcome aboard. I had a P11 for years. It also had a 40 caliber slide/barrel set. Now that was a snappy shooter. My uncle has it now. He mainly uses the 9mm slide. I enjoyed it, but he loves it. Now I carry an XDs 45.

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Hi Mic,

Would your uncle be interested in selling the .40 caliber slide/barrel set? I have been looking all over, and its something I would like because I would like to EDC in .40.

Sorry to change subject but its something thats been eating at me, I love this P11.

Sorry, he passed a week and a half ago. His collection went to a cousin and his wife, who took care of him to the bitter end. I will be on the look out for one though.