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KelTec P 11 trigger spring kit

Just received my spring kit and following that great installation video here on M*Carbo it only took me about 20 minutes to install it. What a difference ! As I mentioned in my intro post , I have one of the very early P 11’s and I know the trigger pull was somewhere around 10 - 12 #'s. I had changed it to the 9# spring when they came out many years ago but this new one is really nice. I also forgot to mention in my intro that I’m a vet too, Army 1960-66.


welcome Nod! I put the #9 in my P40 many years ago too,often wondered if the newer P11 kit would work on the older P40 might give it a shot next order and see.

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I installed the P11 kit. Including the recoil spring. Skipped the trigger as I have an RTK trigger prototype from years ago that I tested for them. I had installed a lighter hammer spring years ago that lightened the trigger pull to near what this kit does. Problem was that with the stock firing pin spring I would get light strikes. If a weaker firing pin spring or you took coils off of the firing pin spring, then the gun would not be drop safe. I was looking forward to lighter trigger pull and chance that somebody had figured it out finally after all the experimenting that we did when they first came out. Installed as they should. Not sure the trigger spring helps much but it is lighter weight. Trigger pull seemed about the same as the springs I had in it. I still had the stock firing pin spring. Took it to the range and loaded it up. Pulled the trigger and it went bang. So far so good. Pulled it and it went bang again. Cool. Pulled the trigger and it went click. Pulled again and it went bang. Tried again and click. Then click again. Out of 10 rounds I got 4 light strikes. And it was all factory Winchester target loads. So emailed them and they said send the spring back and they will see if it is out of spec. And if so send a replacement? What? Can’t you just send me a new spring that is in spec then I will send the old one back when I get the new one to avoid unnecessary tear down? Nope. So I bought a stock hammer spring. Then I thought I would take a chance and put the firing pin spring from the kit. I tested the stock spring and the kit spring and it did not seem any lighter at all so I am not expecting much difference but we will see. That’s why I did not put the kit firing spring in. Felt the same as the stick spring weight. Hoping for no more light strikes otherwise it is getting pulled out and retired. This is my backup gun on duty and can’t take a chance of a misfire heavy pull or not.

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wasnt winchester white box was it ?I quit using it after the last round of breaking in a AR10 .all the issues i had were ammo. spent 2 weeks for i finally zeroed the ammo being the issue and not the firearm. bad primers, light loads, dented cases, you name it.
out of 500 rnds 143 were out of spec.
far as the kits go, ive learned mixing and matching often don’t get the desired result.I got a old P40 ive used as a back up for years. kitted it years ago, its never missed a beat but even though the appeared the same I changed em all.