Keltec CQB/ SUB 2000 Compatibility

All Things SUB-2000! Does any of the SUB-2000 parts by MCARBO work with the CQB? After 13 months of my CQB being in tax stamp jail, I finally got it!


Internal is compatible

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I just got mine too, after 15 months.

Anyone know if Kel-Tec will do the $40 M*CARBO parts install deal with the SUB CQB?

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Can’t imagin why not. But I’d guess shipping will be a PITA. Fedex and UPS have opted out of carrying firearms for regular citizens. And given you need permission to carry it across state lines - I’m guessing ahipping a stamped firearm will be a bigger than usual PITA.

Love to know what you find out. I remain unburdened by stamps - your situation is one of the reasons I have none.


Yeah, the shipping issue was on my mind. Thought I’d check here before I call KT myself.

It’s been a few years since I used their MCARBO upgrade install option, wouldn’t surprise me if they don’t even do it anymore.

I’ll update this after I do some digging.


I would just use a local gun smith


$40 flat fee to install any aftermarket parts I send them and guaranteed to not void the warranty.

Even after shipping there’s no local gunsmith that can beat that deal.

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Oh, and yes, spoke to KT and they still do it.



So, I checked with every reputable local gun shop. None would ship it to KT for me but one.

That shop wanted me to TRANSFER it to them, ship it to KT, get it back, and then TRANSFER it back to me. TRANSFER as in a tax stamp, ATF paperwork, and associated waiting period x 2.

I think the word “morons” actually escaped my lips. Probably just their way of saying “We don’t wanna deal with that stuff” without just saying no.

Anyway, called Sean Turpin, the KT guy who handles these MCARBO installs. Paid for a RMA label ($30) through them. Emailed it to me immediately, sub was in the mail later that day.

And didn’t have to go to a FEDEX hub, since it was a RMA through KT’s shipper account, not me, a private citizen.

Just went to the local FEDEX Office store and dropped it off.

They even asked what was in the box, and I said “firearm.” The dude didn’t even flinch. Only other thing he asked was if it was unloaded. Done and done.

Every aftermarket MCARBO part except the sight mount, KT turned it in 3 days.