Keltec CQB/ SUB 2000 Compatibility

All Things SUB-2000! Does any of the SUB-2000 parts by MCARBO work with the CQB? After 13 months of my CQB being in tax stamp jail, I finally got it!


Internal is compatible

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I just got mine too, after 15 months.

Anyone know if Kel-Tec will do the $40 M*CARBO parts install deal with the SUB CQB?

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Can’t imagin why not. But I’d guess shipping will be a PITA. Fedex and UPS have opted out of carrying firearms for regular citizens. And given you need permission to carry it across state lines - I’m guessing ahipping a stamped firearm will be a bigger than usual PITA.

Love to know what you find out. I remain unburdened by stamps - your situation is one of the reasons I have none.


Yeah, the shipping issue was on my mind. Thought I’d check here before I call KT myself.

It’s been a few years since I used their MCARBO upgrade install option, wouldn’t surprise me if they don’t even do it anymore.

I’ll update this after I do some digging.


I would just use a local gun smith