KelTec CP33 loading issues

I have a KelTec cp33. And it has some serious loading issues.
First let me apologize if this topic has been previously discussed.
In addition to it’s loading issues. I am also concerned with the plastic magazine. It has issues as well. In fact I’m am not sure that my loading/misfire issues. Are not directly coming from this crappy magazine!

So, I am looking for any advice/fixes that will help this issue.

Thank you,

Purchase the loader KelTec offers. I ran 4 mags through mine a week ago and only had 2 FTFs, but I was using cheap ammo. Also don’t load all 33 rounds for your first couple mags.

Loading the magazine with a full load of 33 rounds can break one or the other of the feeding lips. I broke three magazines in short order that way. Kel-Tec replaced them for me. I now load a maximum of 30 rounds into a CP33 magazine…Buy their loader - unless you have the patience of Job.

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I don’t have a CP33. If I did, I would be lobbying McFadden Machine to build an adapter for their lightning griploader.

This is the best thing that ever happened to me for loading 22lr. I run their adapters for my Marlins, my 1911 22lrs and M&P 15-22.

This loader stacks them and I havent hung on a rim since I started using it.

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This is something I thought of earlier. So the magazine that came with the pistol has been retired. And an entirely new magazine has been purchased still have trouble loading it. And yes, I only load about 14-24 rounds. Cleaned it twice already. And still having issues!!
I really want to like this gun. But it’s fighting me tooth and nail!


I guess your next step is sending it back to KelTec.