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Kel tek sub 2000 questions

  1. This might have been asked but I couldn’t find anything. I bought the double finger extended charge handle and installed it. I am wondering if I can put the recoil buffer in with this charging handle. The videos kinda make it sound like you need the recoils changing handle.

  2. Why buy some of the upgrades like the guts. I bought the buttstock, tube cover, double finger charging handle and plan on getting the ss feed ramp and extended mag release. I just not understanding the other upgrades and why I would want to do them.

I bought the gun for target practice (fun), protection, and I work outside at night where there coyotes running rampant. So no competitive stuff for me.

Gramma Jan


First … the lifesaver works independantly so it works with any charging handle. Regarding the rest of the guts: the plastic feed ramp is inadequate; the plastic trigger and trigger guard flex bothered me; the springs and trigger bar simply improved feel and feedback. Basically, everything I can do to increase the predictability of the break improves my shooting performance.


Yes you can install both,I did it a few days ago.


The stainless steel feed ramp, hammer bushing, and steel pins are a must - the stock plastic ramp and bushing wear out quickly (noticeable within only a couple hundred rounds), and the stock aluminum pins strip out too easily. The metal trigger guard isn’t essential but for sure is better than plastic. I didn’t find the spring kit or trigger bar to make much difference.

The tube cover helps but isn’t essential, and though I bought the butt pad, it’s in the junk drawer because it’s hard plastic and does nothing to absorb recoil. There’s a much better slip-on butt pad from another company (do a search here). I still have the standard charging handle because I don’t want to fardle with that pin on the recoil spring, and I had a recoil buffer but again didn’t notice much difference in recoil so I took it out.

The wooden dowel to cock the hammer is unnecessary if you have a long screwdriver, and the “armorer’s tool” proved pretty much useless IMO. I didn’t get the optic mount because the iron sights work just fine and I won’t spend that kind of money on this firearm.

In short, if I’d known differently, I’d have definitely bought the feed ramp, hammer bushing, and steel pins, but probably not the rest because the improvement - to ME, your mileage may vary - wasn’t worth the money. This is all just my opinion.


I did the folding rear site, metal feed ramp, mag release, screws and studs, springs, flat trigger, metal takedown, 2 finger charger, tube sleeve, larger release latch, and added a rubber buffer grommet all from Mcarbo. I also picked up the Red Lion folding front sight. My trigger pull with all the springs and internals replaced went from a 7.5 lbs to a nice 4 lbs. I would suggest replacing all internals and then work on external mods. I love the red Lion folding front sight paired with the Mcarbo folding rear sight. I had a laser mounted as a hand stop but recently removed it to try out other hand stops like the Viridian HS1 with built in green laser


@Jsytsma Jan Yes you can,The ‘‘Internal Updates’’ Are where you will feel, and Notice the Most difference in Trigger slop and Play,and Control,Via New Trigger Bar,Adjustable Trigger,And the Spring Updates.The Above were a’lot Suggested to Chris and M*Carbo Inc by the Members Here Who Had Dislikes for the Above Issues,And He Listened to the Brotherhood and Thus Came the Updated Parts,and the Happier Sub2K Owners.


Thanks that awesome info from everyone.