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Kel tech problem

@GOBLIN, The only thing that really holds the lower feed ramp in place is the slot in the feed ramp where it fits over the receiver tube and the screw pin that the screws holding the two halves of the grip screw into. It is the pin/screws just above the trigger pin. They are the MCARBO carbon steel replacement pins. The pins are the same diameter and length as the original aluminum Kel-Tec pins. There is no noticeable deformities in either the pin, screws or screw holes in the grip halves. The only real noticeable difference is the original plastic feed ramp fits in much tighter with no wiggle room like the MCARBO SS feed ramp and as I noted above, the difference in the position of the front lead in angle of the SS feed ramp. Another difference I am seeing between the plastic ramp and the SS ramp is the radius on the back of the ramp where the pin locks it in place. The SS feed ramp appears to have a larger radius than the plastic ramp. Please note that these are only visual observations. I am not set up nor could I easily set up to measure these on a C.M.M. I do plan on checking radius and angles on my optical comparator. My suspicion leads me to believe it is probably a bad batch of plastic but I have always had slight feed issues with my .40 S2K with hollow points whereas I have NEVER had a feed issue with either of my 9mm S2K’s. All are fully MCARBOized. I suspect the feeding issues are the feed ramp and once the cracked plastic is repaired, I plan on running the stock plastic feed ramp with the same ammo to see if I still have feeding issues. Also note that I did have some issues with the upper feed ramp and some burrs on it. I polished it and that did help solve some of the feeding issues, but not all. I was only about 75 to 100 rounds into testing when it all went to hell.


I watched a video somewhere let me find it, here it is where Chris was talking about changing/testing a new feed ramp angle…(this was back in July)

he might need to change some of the cuts back for the added HP of the 40 call…
is this the radius changes ramp angles your referring to?
I need to watch the video closer…

@GOBLIN, Talked with MCARBO service this week. They have discussed the issue with KEL-TEC and have got approved and arranged for me to send my .40 cal back to them. KEL-TEC is going to replace the complete barrel assembly and if necessary, the SS feed ramp.
A big THANK YOU to MCARBO and @ChrisNelson. I pretty much knew that this was a Kel-Tec issue but since I bought the MSERIES from MCARBO, I contacted them. Once again, MCARBO has gone “above the call of duty” to make sure their customers remain satisfied.


@Texprep Let me know what they find Mike, would really like to know the reason the locking latch/dog/lug cracked. .


Finally got to pick up my new mseries kel tech this morning!!! Very excited to go shoot it now but gotta wait till i go to the ranch… do some small game hunting don’t think they’ll allow that in my neighborhood lol will post after that…


Same happened to mine.
Was a bent trigger bar