M*CARBO Brotherhood

KEL-TEC Will Install Your M*CARBO Parts

Do you want KEL-TEC to install your M*CARBO parts into your KEL-TEC Firearm?

KEL-TEC now officially installs M*CARBO parts at the factory!

Your Official Point of Contact is Sean Turpin the Customer Service Manager at KEL-TEC Weapons. His contact info is on the KEL-TEC Installation Contact Form. Please print and fill out the KEL-TEC Installation Contact Form and include it in the box with your M*CARBO Parts and KEL-TEC Firearm.

Installation is a flat rate $40/hr charge which is usually cheaper than a gunsmith, plus KEL-TEC warranties the work.

All parts have to be purchased directly from M*CARBO and then shipped together with your KEL-TEC Firearm to KEL-TEC. No FFL is needed since you are shipping a firearm directly to the factory for repair/installation services. (Address is on the KEL-TEC Installation Contact Form)

Print and Complete KEL-TEC Installation Contact Form


Wow that sounds too good to be true! I’d guess it’s not a great leap to assume keltec doesn’t take issue with a firearm sent in for service under warranty with properly installed mcarbo parts inside?


Btw I’m really looking forward to the trigger bar. Keep up the great work Chris! Us sub2k owners appreciate your efforts on this platform


Great news! I will definitely be doing this. I have purchased almost all of the M*Carbo parts and have been soo busy that they are still all sitting in their original bags. I found that local gunsmiths do not want to be bothered with it.


The vids chris puts out are great. I’m a little surprised how much confidence they inspired. a few times I looked down at my sub in pieces and had a moment of doubt but the vids walked me to the finish line. I’ve shared my upgraded sub with friends who are also experienced shooters and we’re all really impressed with the finished product. Great products with even better support


I realize Kel-Tec can install your excellent parts, BUT…where’s the fun in that?
I learned auto mechanics at a very young age because it was:

  1. Fun
  2. I wanted to figure out how it works
  3. I wanted the job done right
  4. I couldn’t afford to pay someone else to do it

I treat firearms with the same philosophy.


I ordered the full upgrade kit from MCarbo. Chris put out a easy to follow video on how to install everything. Having never upgraded any of my firearms, I had the bug to give it a go. I laid everything out, and miraculously got everything back together without a hitch. Thanks Chris and MCarbo for putting out such informative videos. The products are great, the after purchase communication (thanks Bobby) is outstanding. Looking forward to more incredible products.


Some people are afraid to work on fire arms, I have been doing up grades now for 7 mounts now in the mid west. If I sell one of my rifles, and the buyer wants a trigger up grade I do the labor free if they buy the parts from me. If any body needs any pointers feel free to contact me i’m glad to help.


zippersnapper EXACTLY!!


A great service for those that are intimidated with installing the MCarbo mods themselves. I love making my own mods. I have a background in machine design and fabrication / assembly, so tinkering with a firearm is a nice pastime for me. I have installed all of the available MCarbo mods to date, but they have been one at a time as they came out. I would recommend to anyone, that if they are going to install mods themselves, buy ALL of them at once and install once. Beats tearing the S2K action apart multiple times!


Chris this is like the ultimate endorsement of your products but I won’t be taking advantage of their services as I enjoy the installation way too much - kitchen table gunsmithing has become a new pastime and that’s mostly your fault (gun emoji here) :+1:


It’s more fun to do it yourself.

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Keltec did all my major MCarbo installs at one time. For $40 it was a bargain. Even with shipping to Cocoa, FL. I have spent a lot more for less. Turnaround was about 2-3 weeks.


That’s right on, Do it your self. One suggestion Loctite makes a clean up solvent #SF 768 expensive but it will clean off the black loctite, 1.75 oz was $25.00 in Chicago area. I will try to take pictures of my scope mount in the future.

Thank you, the Loctite does make it hard to clean up the blackmax, nice to know they also make a cleaner. Just checked prices in my area I wish I could find it for $25, cheapest here is $37,99 for the 1.75oz bottle.

Just finished talking with Sean at Kel-Tec. I’m going to be in their area in a few months (vacation). He agreed I could drop off the Sub K with the parts I want installed and they will finish it before my vacation is over. Great customer service!!

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@Smoke This is great to hear! Thank you for sharing this.

Sean at KEL TEC has been a great guy to work with!


@MrCoffee Thank you for sharing this. I’m glad to hear it!


Agreed. I just talked to Sean today on the phone when I called to inquire about the status of my returned rifle for the recall. He also made sure my email address was tied to my work order so I’ll get notification when it ships so it won’t just show up unannounced and I miss the delivery because that’s happened to others. :+1:


I sent my SUB2000 to Keltek and it arrived on April 16. I am just having the trigger stuff added: springs, trigger guard, trigger, etc., plus the bolts and pins. I asked about when it would be returned and they said it would be 2-4 weeks. Well, it has been over 2 now, and thought with only the few parts I am installing it would be on its way back by now. I installed the rear sight, bolt tube cover, the recoil buffer and butt pad myself and can’t believe it is taking over 2 weeks to install the rest. I know the recall is going on still, but others are getting theirs back in 10 days and can’t understand why mine is not. Not a happy camper.

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