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KEL-TEC SUB2000 Rear Tactical Folding Sights


Install the new folding sight, love it, but had to adjust front sight way left to zero. I’m hitting very well at a eight inch target at 25 yards but having the front sight post that far left really bugs (OCD) me. Any suggests to move more toward the center is greatly appreciated.


That should have nothing to do with replacing the rear sight. The problem is sometimes Kel-Tec doesn’t get the front sight housing perfectly vertical, so that causes the windage adjustment to run out and it can’t be sighted in properly. Either you’ll have to crack it loose and straighten or send it back to Kel-Tec and hope they fix it. That was a HUGE concern when I sent mine back for the recall since they replaced the entire front end and the front sight was perfect before. Thankfully, that wasn’t an issue when I got it back.


With old plastic rear sight I only needed to make mirror adjustment to the front post but it was to the right.

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Then I guess you need to check your rear sight install. Inspect the peep hole very carefully and make sure it was drilled in the center. If you have them, use calipers to measure.

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I was also going to suggest that the factory sight maybe wasnt drilled in the center so the front sight would now have had a slightly different true center after your new install.


Hello everyone I am brand new to the sub2000 and mcarbo. I recently bought the folding rear sight and am working on installing it. I have watched the video and tried putting this thing in several times but I keep having the same problem. The sight is TIGHT and takes a good bit of force to fold and open which it doesn’t look like that in the video. I also see the screw and washer moving whenever I fold or unfold the sight despite the loctite and tough tension. I don’t get it, this is one of the simpler installs. What’s the deal?

Just guessing here, but I would loosen the screw and washer just a tad and see what that does for you. In my case I put mine in and didn’t use loctite.

If I loosen the grip pin to make the sight easier to move, then the grip pin and washer are moving when I fold the sight. To make the grip pin tight enough to not move with the sight fold, it is extremely difficult then to fold the sight.

@NotTheMostHandy Check out the topic “Peep sight install issue” in the “Firearm Issues” categories. Hope this helps.

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