M*CARBO Brotherhood

Kel Tec SUB2000 M-Series


I’m holding out for machined aluminum grip halves anodized in my color of choice. :rofl:



I definitely understand. However, M*Carbo oversight on assembly can offer me exponentially higher warm and fuzzies. I have love and respect for Kel Tec’s business model so I’m trying to type slowly and carefully. I picture (could be wrong) the M series to be KT’s first venture into a premium product offering. KT is an idea company and a value company. E.g. KT does not sight anything they sell.

I picture the M Series as a guaranteed winner with a target showing accuracy and a consistent trigger pull, etc. I have a lot more faith in M*Carbo’s ability to deliver on the little vision I built in my little thinker.

KT’s business model has clearly been successful for them and I support the model for what it is. They don’t have any sort of custom shop operation. I don’t think they’ve accepted any proposed Talo projects. If they are building these, I hope they train and support a team that can get it right.

I’m compelled to repeat that I respect and appreciate KT’s business model. I would also discourage @ChrisNelson from going to the table and asking for more. I’m thrilled to observe Chris earn this place at this table - it is a tremendous accomplishment and I hope it leads to a true Tuner level relationship (ala Dinan to BMW or AMG to Mercedes or even Shelby to Ford).


LOL Millenials… Too Many Choices! K.I.S.S. method for sure.


Are the M-SERIES only going to be 9mm ?


I had a few thoughts about how to market the “M Series”

Match Grade Trigger
Match Ready Sight Picture
More Fun
Made by M*CARBO

One thing that would make the package more complete is an M*CARBO high vis front sight post or use one of the Blitskrieg luminescent posts.


I just ran across this article… I think they have some things wrong in here.


@Scooter don’t forget
Muzzle break
Metal trigger guard
Magazine release extended


9mm, Black, Glock 17, Curved Trigger, Peep Sight


G19/Flat Trigger/Notch Sight…please! Hold the Mayo!!! I’m a mustard kind of guy!
With upgraded front sight post to match Notch sight



9mm, Black, Glock 17, Flat Trigger, Peep Sight and optics mount. Ready for my money yet?


Will there be a pre-order or email list we can sign up for for when the M-Series becomes available?


I think 500 of the first listed 100 of the rest listed and add 100 9mm-G19-curved trigger, peep.
We sell as many of the G19 as we do the G17 . These out sell the multi mag 3 to 1.
My 2 cents


I have a sub 2000 in 9mm with everything M CARBO has to offer already, I love it, I want the limited run M Series in .40 cal desperately. With the recoil less charging handle and flat trigger


And I forgot the peep sight


Multi-mag with p226 catch, whatever trigger, whatever sight, 9mm. FDE. That’s my preference.

Edit: Scratch FDE, I want nickel. lol


How about,; Black, 9mm, Glock 19 magazines, choice of sights, flat trigger, with trigger kit and bar, extended magazine release, zero recoil charging handle, feed ramp, steel grip pins and screws, muzzle brake, scope mount and a mlok free float rail. I figured ask for as much as possible.


9mm, Black, Glock 17, Curved Trigger, Peep Sight


I just looked at my spreadsheet and figured up all the parts I’ve invested in this far.

That’s is cheap as I have almost $800 in mine now with just MCarbo and Kel-tec parts.
This is not counting all the experimental stuff I’m doing. That’s another $100-150 there.
And I still have to add the heavy bolt and optic mount. That’s $150-200 more.

So basically I’ll be spent $1000-1200 on a $800 firearm. Cool. LoL.
Oh well, you gotta pay to play. And I’ve had a blast working on it.