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Kel Tec SUB2000 M-Series

Getting the Request for Quote for the New M-SERIES from KEL-TEC Today!

Initially we submitted an RFQ for the following. I have a gut feeling that we need to revise these quantities. Give me your input!

RFQ 1,000 M-SERIES Composition:

  • 500 - 9mm, Black, Glock 17, Curved Trigger, Peep Sight

  • 125 - 9mm, Black, Glock 17, Curved Trigger, Notch Sight

  • 125 - 9mm, Black, Glock 17, Flat Trigger, Peep Sight

  • 125 - 9mm, Black, Multi-Mag, Curved Trigger, Notch Sight

  • 125 - 9mm, Black, Multi-Mag, Flat Trigger, Notch Sight


I’d like the G17, peep, curved. :+1:t2:


If I were to purchase it would be G17, Curved Trigger, Peep Sight. Is the rear Notch Sight that popular to make over 1/3 with them?


@dave67 I agree. If @ChrisNelson knows his best seller is gonna be G17, curved, peep, then he should make the lions share those. The goals to sell them all at the end of the day. :+1:t2:


Trigger doesn’t mean as much to me as the sight. G17/Flat/Peep would be my choice but seeing how there will be way more curved, it’d be an alright settle.


I would double the quantities. With the outstanding reputation of Mcarbo, I would think they are going to fly off the self.


@ChrisNelson I know this has been discussed on another thread here, but do we have an idea of what one is going to cost???

And can someone enlighten me as to what Multi-Mag actually means as far as what magazines can be used.

Just starting my second cup of coffee this morning… :sleeping:

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Glock 20 10mm, curved trigger, notch sight :smiley: :metal: Okay… okay… G17, curved, notched :+1:


$695 - no optic
$795 - optic mount


What mag will the Multi’s ship with? Or will we in some way be able to choose?

I’d consider getting one to go with my 9mm M&P. Really unsure though honestly. Love the concept and would like to further support you, but there’s a couple other major gun purchases I really should make…

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Please have multi mag with Peep as an option. For all of the M&P folks out there. Thanks.

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Black Glock 17, flat, peep for me👍

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I’d like to see a G19 version since I have a pile of those mags and I can still use G17 mags and the zombie invasion 33 rounders. :+1:


9mm, Black, Glock 17, Curved Trigger, Peep Sight


Hey guys, I’ve never given this any thought before. I have a GLK 17 Gen 4 myself. Thinking bout this, I would lean towards Curved Trigger, Peep sight for my preference. But of course Glocks, they will sell for sure…


@ChrisNelson side note, is there an ETA on street date? Super stoked to get one.



Here are some things to consider:

Glock 19 would have a larger customer base than Glock 17, G19 + G17 owners vs just G17. The G19 is also a little more compact which is desirable in a truck gun.

I would only offer the curved trigger or flat trigger but not both. Most stores will probably not have both in stock so the customer will not have the ability to try both triggers.

I own the notched sight and wouldn’t recommend it for the M Series. It’s a little too tall for the factory front sight. In order to align the front sight with the top of the notched sight you need and extended height front sight post.

If you only made G19, Peep Sight, Curved Trigger initially, you can determine what the customer demand is given the price point and the risk of unsold inventory would be low. Once the customer demand/price point is established, additional caliber/magazine options can be added. Too many choices, peep vs notched, curved vs flat with out guidance can actually be detrimental to sales, particularly with Millenials.



Bazinga. My thoughts exaclty and I posted the same thing. :+1:

Wow … I had not considered configuration cutting into 1000 pieces. I’ll be chasing some subset of 125 pieces - almost makes me frown. I’m gonna need multimag, flat in M&P flavor, and almost certainly optic mount.

I suppose I figured ordering through M*Carbo and you guys building what is ordered. With your relative proximity to Kel Tec I was figuring you’d take order, secure components and build inside 6 weeks before shipping. Life is life but chasing one of 25 available in the configuration I want will be a bummer.

Least I have a self built one that makes me happy if I don’t score a M series.

ETA: the Glock thing is a real conundrum. The grip on the 19 version would never work for me - If I’m going pistol grip, it’s gotta fill my hand.


@Dred from what has been said in the past it sounds like Kel-Tec will build and fill the order in house and give to MCARBO to distribute. Really only the legit way for Kel-Tec to put their stamp on it and say it’s a Factory gun is to build it themselves. Any issues would fall back on them.