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Kel Tec SUB2000 Gen 1 Green Fiber Optic Front Sight

All Things SUB-2000! Has anyone tried to put on the fiber optic front sight on a gen 2 S2K. I have the upgraded rear post sight peep and notch 1. For each rifle. But my age and eyesight. Black on black sometimes can’t see where in black aiming. So I saw this and was wondering if it will work on gen 2. Any help would be appreciated.

@SteelerfanJoe HIVIZ (AR2008) makes a AR15 fiber optic front sight post that fits the Gen 2 S2K. Read reviews on it, I think the post is plastic but does come with sight install tool and extra light tubes. $20.75 on Amazon.SX466


Hey there I use this front sight on both of my Subs when I use it in competition it was Rock Solid allowing me to get some really good scores and times


does this replace the post sight in the sub 2000?

@Mcrosa Yes, that is the same sight post I showed you on the other thread by HIVIZ…also available on Amazon.

Hi Dave 67.
I looked for it on Amazon but no joy. Ordered from Midway.

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