Kel Tec SUB2000 Dust Cover


@jeffing65 when you say dust cover do you mean like the one Kel Tec has or one that covers the ejection port?


@Flogrown It covers the barrel and open action when in the folded position protecting it from exposure to the environment, same as the kel tec cover, but only in that they perform the same function. Other than that they are not similar in any way.


@jeffing65 awesome love to see it when you’re ready


@Flogrown As stupid as it seems, my biggest problem is how “rinky dink” my entire local area is. The cheesy, ass-backwards, non-expansive way of things here cant be explained, it really has to be experienced. I cant just have simple little parts milled to my specs, for a few bucks across town, which is necessary for doing design work. It borders on " Stupid as Soup". LOL I’m surprised we don’t have to order air, water, and Terra-Firma to stand on.
All the old machinists here have past away, and the ones now will charge full bore (setup, mill, and operator time) for incidental test pieces, or don’t want to be bothered with it at all. That leaves me to hand make parts which isn’t practical.
Its not like there isn’t smart and capable people here. Herrett’s Gun Stocks, (as in the .30 Herrett Steve Herrett and Bob Milek developed) for instance, but they don’t give a crap about me or my project.


@jeffing65 dig around in the weeds on the outskirts of town jeff. I can promise you if theres a greasy gearhead bike shop, not a high dollar shop pushing out cookie cutter bike in a box kits, but a wrench doing adaptation and really one off work (chopper shop) you will find a single point machinists that does one off work. not a 4 axis CNC rig, but using early machinery, one that has the ability to write his name using the six handwheels on a van norman knee mill and not miss a beat… they exist, you just have to look on the rough industrial side of the tracks…


@Goblin Your right but unfortunately not much of that kind here, and the weeds on the outskirts of town are literately weeds… There is a guy building some rat rods, that might be worth a try.
I have a buddy that owns a cabinet shop and he has an old mill he picked up about 6 months ago. He doesn’t have the programing for it. He was going to get it up and running when he had time, so manual operation could be done. I haven’t been able to catch him to see if he has had time to mess with it.


if he cannot, let me know. mayhap we can work something out…


@GOBLIN Ok, great. Another idea suggested, that slipped past me is our local college.


yep college or trade school except they will probably be teaching 4 axis CNC operation and load or newer systems. but check.:+1:


Here’s another flag option from Amazon:


@thurberm Just ordered the 5 pack on Amazon for $14.95 free s&h, thanks for the tip Mike…love it. Gonna use the rest as chamber safety flags.s-l400