Kel Tec SUB2000 Dust Cover


IMHO, since the rifle IS made to be folded when not in use, KelTec really should include at least one in the box. But that’s just me.


Thank you for the pic. I’m still wondering about the ejection port. From appearance, I think it is uncovered.


If you store it with the bolt locked open, like some do with certain optics mounted, then yes, it will be. With the bolt closed, the side of the bolt is exposed, but not much will get in there but dust.


@FoldedCarbine … that is what I suspected. And, I store bolt locked back so I can swing it open, slap the charging handle, slap the hinged optic*, mount and perforate.

Looking at it, I may be able to keep a round held into the chamber with that cover, but I’d be scared of slam fire on the unfold.

*well, not yet but soon.


I need to look at one with a snapcap in the chamber and the weapon folded. I think there’s room to unfold, but not certain. If the safety is on, I’d not expect a slam-fire, but you’ll definitely want to be careful managing the weapon with a round in the chamber.

Ours is currently just a range toy, and stays in the safe when not on a range trip. If it were for home protection, it would be unfolded in the corner of the room, so no issues with the fold/unfold for us. We have other things for home protection, hence the toy status. :slight_smile:

Gene Beaird,
Pearland, Texas


@dave67 did you get your dust cover yet? I haven’t got mine yet.

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@Flogrown No but I got my “Pull To Eject” tag to hang on it.


@dave67 of course it would be in that order.:wink:


@Flogrown I did get a Kel-Tec email today that the dust cover has shipped.


@dave67 I did not I thought that would have happened by now. I guess all the MCARBO employees are still dealing with a hungyover from Thanksgiving. :joy:

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@Flogrown, @FoldedCarbine
Y’all just had to put something on this forum I couldn’t resist. Just ordered the dust cover and pull to eject key ring for my S2K. Didn’t know they made a dust cover until I read your posts. Thank you sirs.


@Texprep that’s why we are all here brother.


@Flogrown Got the dust cover today and it just pops into place. There is no need to add a pull tab, all you do is pull the trigger guard open and the dust cover comes right out (it locks behind the rear sight and trigger guard latch). In a quick deployment you can just open the Sub but the dust guard will go flying.


I want this, just feel I should get something else on there as well…

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@dave67 I got mine as well I forgot to post. I definitely feel it is a good thing to have. For only $13 I am with @FoldedCarbine I think it should be provided by kel tec with every purchase


@Flogrown I agree. I never even thought about it till it was mentioned, but once you look at that exposed area it just makes sense to spend the $13 and I also agree that the dust cover should just be included with the purchase of the Sub-2000.


The only reason we added the drawer pull was so we could put the flag on it so we remembered it was there. Having to chase the thing across the range when you forget it’s there when you open the weapon up got old in a hurry.

Yes, you can pull the trigger guard open and the cover pops up a bit, making it easy to grab and remove. You just have to remember to grab it before it flies past your ear! :slight_smile:


@FoldedCarbine Ok Gene you were right, after some time now with the dust cover I kept forgetting it was there and every time I open the Sub that cover launches across the room. So I added a reminder like yours using a sling stud I had and some red Loctite. Thanks for that idea. :+1:


Dave, I understand, FULLY!! My wife and I were always saying “I’ll remember to remove the cover when we get to the range.” only to have it go ‘PEW!!’ across the range, sometimes landing on the other side of the bench making recovery complicated, at best.

It happened EVERY time!

That’s why the flag, and my thoughts about hooking a fishing leader to it and using a small carabiner to hook it to the trigger guard, just in case we have another senior moment at the range. Haven’ done the fishing leader mod yet, but on our next trip to the sporting goods store, I plan to grab a pack of steel fishing leaders.


I have a prototype dust cover design that is the part every s2k needs. I am at the point where I need to decide how to proceed with the next step without being overwhelmed by design phase cost or getting burned by a bigger company stealing the design idea.
I have looked into having my prototype 3d scanned and put into a cad format so I can do further engineering and work out some details easier. I have a simple CAD program but the learning curve is pretty steep and having a local engineering company do it for me is not possible/ practical.

I know there are machinists/mechanical engineers among our membership.
Anyone having resources etc helpful in this area and are interested in helping get it to a field test and then eventual production design PM me and we can talk further.