Kel Tec SUB2000 Dust Cover


I was curious to know if any of the brothers here have the dust cover offered by Kel Tec. Or if you even think it would really serve a purpose.What are your thoughts?


Yes! It keeps crap out of the barrel and mechanism during storage and transport in the folded position.

Add a tether that you have attached to the rifle, OR, some sort of ‘remove before flight’ flag so you remember it’s there before you unfold it at the range! We have something like this on ours:


Im still using a blue silicone earplug with a tether(NOS bottle flag) fits perfect in the chamber, and finally found a use for all those sets of ear plugs i always lose one out of…


@FoldedCarbine thanks I have thought about just getting it many times being it is cheap, but I always ended up brushing it off as a gimmick. If you think it is worth it I’ll probably take your word on that thanks for the reply.


I feel exceptionally simple making this request, but … Will you share a pic of this dust cover installed on your Sub? From the pictures at Kel Tec, it looks like it will cover either the ejection port or the folding joint opening, but not both. If it does cover both openings, I’d love to see how it is installed to accomplish that.

The way I read the sentence I quoted, it is even designed to somehow seal the chamber which is still a third opening that I never imagined.


Yes please if you could sir. I want to see it on the sub as well.

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@dave67 that is what has kept me from getting is not being able to see it installed


@Flogrown I think it is actually for the receiver and barrel openings when it is folded which makes sense but still can’t figure out how it installs from Kel-Tec pictures.

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@dave67 it is pretty inexpensive may just pull the trigger on it. Plenty of times I’ve taken the sub in my range bag and wondered how much dirt and dust was getting in there while folded.

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@Flogrown Just read some reviews from Optics Planet that use to sell it. It covers the receiver and barrel when open and pops out of place when you go to open the Sub into ready position. The one complaint is that there is no pull tab to manually take it off but they all said it is made to “pop off” when you open the Sub.

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all i can find out is something about if you have the feed ramp protruding from the chamber, it wont fit your model, if you have the newer style barrel, it wont seal the barrel, that it was made for the early model 9/40 units, something about it was made for the pre poly guns, wont fit the plastic guns (thought the model was always poly/plastic)

my google-fu is weak this am cant find a pic of it installed…


@dave67 I was just about to report the same thing so now I really understand why @FoldedCarbine mentioned the keychain I seen some actually fixed the keychain to the sub so it doesn’t go flying when you open it. At least that was what they said over in KTOG

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@Flogrown I just ordered one for $13.75 including shipping so I can find out all about it soon enough, will post pictures if it works. Kel-Tec site says for 1st and 2nd Gen Subs.


@dave67 you’re the freaking man


Let’s see if this works. Here you go:

We added a drawer pull to it so we had some place to attach the flag. I have since thought about hooking a fishing lead to it and connecting it to the trigger guard with a carabiner so we can pull it off when we are using the rifle, but haven’t done that mod yet.

Yes, if you forget it’s there, and start unfolding the rifle, the cover will POP off and go flying! We almost lost it down range in our local indoor range one time. Luckily, I was able to retrieve it with the brass broom.

It may be silly to use, but since everything is out in the open there, and everything is pretty much black, you don’t know if you happen to get some piece of debris stuck in the barrel or mechanism while storing or transporting it. It’s just another, relatively-cheap, insurance against that.

I hope this helps.


@FoldedCarbine thank you sir you are the man. I’m ordering one right now. A picture is worth a thousand words right


@Flogrown Just ordered the “PULL TO EJECT” key chain on Ebay ($4.35). Will mount something to the cover like @FoldedCarbine did to attach it to. I agree with Gene and think it is worth covering up those large openings when in storage.


@dave67 yup I will feel better about it being in my range bag in transit now. I am glad I asked about this part as it isn’t talked about very much.


@Flogrown The worst question is the one never asked, because of you (you asked the question) I now know myself. :+1:


@dave67 I won’t take credit for anything @FoldedCarbine thanks for taking the time to share that because of you Kel Tec sold 2 dust covers today lol you should demand a $20 spending credit from them lol