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Kel-Tec sub 2000 Stainless Steel Locking Pin

I am 70 yrs old and my fingers are not as strong as they used to be. Therefore I was unable to compress the spring to replace the locking pin. In order to compress the spring I used small two tie-raps pushed thru the spring and pulled the tie-raps tight on the bottom half of the spring in order to put the allen key in place. I did the same on the top half in order to replace the locking pin. Once I had every thing in place , I cut the tie-raps to remove them. This saved my muscles and the skin on my fingers. I hople this will help you to replace your locking pin.


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Hi Paul!

I’m 65 and waiting to receive my S2K from MCARBO. Fingers crossed I won’t have the same problem you describe, but if I do your suggestion sounds great!

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Have you seen the twist method that’s been discussed in another topic? Basically you insert the allen wrench in the middle, like the video shows, then twist one end of the spring. It’s very simple and only took me a couple minutes to install. I did wear gloves that had a rubber coating on the fingers.


Thanks @DocA! I’ll keep both methods in mind. Again, really hoping I don’t need them but good to have alternatives!


I got a new two-finger charge handle for my Sub 2k thinking it would be an easy swap. When I watched the M Carbo how-to video I decided I’ll just leave it alone for now. That’s way more trouble than I bargained for.

Its gonna be part of normal field stripping /cleaning. You’ll get used to it.

I’ve cleaned it once already, it’s the new stainless piece that has to be installed on the Spring that I’m afraid of. The original charge handle doesn’t have this piece.

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There are a couple of threads that describe a much easier way to do it than what the mcarbo video shows. Search for “tooless recoil pin”, should be there.

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@Lmills, an easy way to install the tool-less locking pin is to insert the allen wrench like the video shows, then while holding one end of the spring and wrench in one hand twist the other end with your free hand. The allen wrench will keep end of the spring compressed as you twist. After a few twist you will have the clearance needed to take the old cap off and add the new locking pin, then just reverse what you just did. Should only take a couple minutes and it will save a lot of pain in your hands.

I did use a glove with rubber fingers/palm on the hand that was used to twist the spring.