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KEL-TEC SUB-2000 RDL (Rapid Deployment Latch)

All Things SUB-2000!
Just received an email regarding the KEL-TEC SUB-2000 RDL (Rapid Deployment Latch).
Regardless, I’m ordering one tomorrow.
Just throwing it out there for comments since no returns on a search.
Certainly must be an improvement?
Your thoughts…


Just received this as well, Chris and the guys and gals are always looking to improve


I’m in on upgrades, getting it now at the limited time price.
This is one of the upgrades IMHO overdue.
Hopefully I don’t have border delays and additional charges like my last order.


Ummm, I should be clear. Additional charges and delays occurred at customs.


I’m in. Hey does anyone else think the gen 1 key-based deployment lock was a good thing? I had a gen1 for a while (in for upgrade) and while I never used it besides seeing how it worked, I’m expecting to miss it occasionally when my gen 2 arrives. Seemed like a good thing and maybe something that could be used as an excuse if you were a far afield with the sub


Just ordered mine. It looks to be a good upgrade.


Just ordered mine here also. Don’t know if it’s needed. But I’m an Mcarbo geek.


Another S2K part I didn’t even know I needed but ordered anyway…have all the other MCARBO S2K upgrades so why stop now. I have no complaints on anything I have purchased from MCARBO. :+1:


@rex_havok I never use mine. I have the key but it just isn’t really a practical function on the sub. Plus if you need to deploy in a hurry that’s going to hamper you pretty badly. I understand conceptually why they added it but definitely not a function I use personally


Another S2K part I didn’t even know I needed

I know the feeling. Lol


Neat little addition, i would probably toss one in on a future order just because it looks like an improvement, but doesn’t make me giddy with joy for $20. i wouldve expected something like this to land in the $10 range.

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The latch is actually $14.95 right now. You are also paying for the R&D that goes into such an item from a small company such as MCARBO. Very few companies make improved parts for the S2K let alone an upgraded latch mechanism. I just spent $10 on two cans of WD40 from Walmart so I think the asking price is fair.


I understand get the cost of R&D, tooling etc… and got the email with the introductory pricing, but since im not jumping on it right away, stated $20 to compare the production price point.
Im in mfg, not marketing, so im more or less assuming there isnt enough sub2000 market volume to support a lower cost. At least on the surface.
I totally appreciate MCarbo’s ability and willingness to support our industry/hobby, and if you look closely, i did say i was planning on buying one anyway. Supporting innovation is an investment in my eyes, and does involve taking some losses along the way in the grand scheme of things .:handshake:


I liked this sentiment, but had to repeat it since I couldn’t like it again.

Now that I’ve got all altruistic maybe I should buy one even though I cut my latch off when it slowed me down.


As usual… Chris made another excellent video which includes the install.


Thanks MCARBO Brotherhood for all of your Support! Glad to see everyone is still up for more SUB2K upgrades. Really happy with how well the RDL turned out. Wish we would have made it sooner. Thank you MCARBO Brotherhood for allowing us to keep making new upgrades by supporting us every step of the way! We’re slammed busy over here but still keeping up the best we can with a skeleton crew. The RDL is officially on back order now, but we will have more in 14 days!


Hey Chris
Thanks for the heads up! I always call in my orders, and that explains why there is no answer (skeleton crew). I never give my credit card information online. Can I still call in an order? However…
Since your sold out :frowning_face: and cannot restock until 14 days, and that I cannot order by phone (I might get a call back left my number twice), here goes, why not extend the Limited Time Price of $14.95 to everyone who comments here. It’s not really a big deal, just wanted to put you on the spot… lol
No worries!


@Moosecall @ChrisNelson i called in an order for part for my 597 last week from ireland got through no problem keep up the great work chris and told the girl that i placed order with to say hello to you chris from me [hunter1916] :+1: :+1: :+1: :ok_hand: :ok_hand:


Until I saw the email I was thinking about removing the latch altogether on mine. Now I am torn. The latch hits my cheek everytime until I re-adjust. I would love for it just to be gone. I keep mine in a bag and really see very little reason for it to be locked as it cannot open at all in it’s custom made holder in the bag. Even if I swapped it over to a backpack, I doubt the locking mechanism would be necessary. I wonder if anyone else has removed theirs?


Good to hear call in orders are still online. The RDL are on back order. I’ll wait a few weeks and try calling in my order again. Didn’t realize that MCARBO are not currently working at full capacity.
The RDL is a new item and is not available in Canada yet, I checked.