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Kel-tec sub 2000 hammer locks but not fully back

Hi Guys, I bought a new sub-2000 a couple months ago and have not fired it yet (plan to on Saturday). The first time I checked out the gun I managed to pull the trigger (with the bolt out) and release the hammer. I immediately got on youtube and saw how to push the hammer back with a dowel. When I pushed my hammer back it locked but not down far enough to let the bolt slide by. If I push the hammer down and push the bolt past everything seems to function properly. Charging handle, safety, trigger etc all function properly. While waiting for the range to reopen I installed several M Carbo items including a trigger kit. After assembly I had the same problem. I disassembled the rifle and reassembled it again but still the hammer locked but not fully down. Again I used a dowel to press the hammer down a little further and slid the hammer home. Again, everything seems to function properly. HAS ANYONE ELSE HAD THIS PROBLEM? Is it even a problem?? Thanks in advance for any assistance.


Yes and No.

In that order even.


The hammer is probably fully down but some Subs (mine included) require more force than others to get the bolt to slide back over the hammer. You will find several threads discussing this. I personally use gravity by holding the firearm muzzle down, inserting the bolt part way and properly aligned and then dropping it. The weight of the falling bolt carries it over the hammer.


Thanks guys.
All I needed was a pat on the head.
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This is common. I just push the bolt handle hard and it slides over the hammer. Can’t hurt it - it slams a helluva lot harder when you fire it.

I always put the safety on before I take out the bolt because it’s such a pita. :slight_smile:


I usually put my pinky finger in there and push the hammer down a bit until the bolt slides by it. Totally normal. Many threads and questions about this on this site. Lol