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Kel tec Sub 2000 gen 2

Hi! I bought myself a Leupold D EVO LCO dual sight and i wanted to install it on my Kel Tec sub 2000 gen 2. I saw the special optic mount. But even whit this mount the D EVO would be too far of my eye. Help me !!!


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@vez Hi Luc. I see no one answered in this thread yet. Did you find or get an answer to your question?

It says the eye relief for that scope is around 3.40"
Can you give us a little more detail? Show some pics? The question really is kinda vague.


Sorry. If i whant to put this bab, i nid to put ther.

image if i want to see someting, i have to place it there


Not now. But soon probablie


No ! I will to continue my search ! The only thing i can see. Would be to make myself a mount from that of Mcarbo.

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@vez Unfortunately, I personally can’t help you at all. LOL I know virtually nothing at all about that type and class of sights/scopes, red dots, optics etc. My experience and knowledge is from using rifle scopes big game/predator hunting.
However, I see what your saying. The design of that scope requires it to be mounted on the weapon at that position behind the rear sight , to have a proper view through the scope.
Sensitivity to eye placement seems to be an issue with that scope/sight system, as I understand it. This review contains everything I know about the sight, and references the issue your having.
I don’t know if there is a solution to mounting that sight on an S2K.



One of these may help and I can attach a photo I had found I will.

4 slot

6 slot

Found this someone did out there.


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