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KEL TEC SUB 2000 2nd gen FOREND

All Things SUB-2000!Can a 2nd gen forend be transferred to a 1st gen?


its one of those that you probably could but the gain is not enough to justify the effort.
looked at that for my Gen 1 just for the rail. Hole spacing is different on the mount bolts. inner shape has to be modified.
I ended up going with a RED Lion index-able fore end.just to give me infinite numbers of possibilities mounting sights and what not.


Mahaloz for 411. I also have the sight and rail from Red Lion on my piece. I had a chance to get a 1st gen and just wanted to know if was worth the time swapping it on the 1st gen

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you could swap the redlion but you would have to get the mount section from redlion to go to gen 1. different shape on the nut and 2 the bolt holes are just that lil bit different center to center for it to be a straight up swap.
keltec changed the mounts just enough where it couldnt be fitted easily