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Kel tec su22 vs cmmg 22lr

I am trying to decide between keeping the cmmg upper I built and the kel tec su22.

Both shoot excellently. Both use black dog, cmmg mags. The cmmg has added benefit of using mp15-22 mags.

The cmmg is heavier but is nice extra for AR platform.

Kel tec super light compact. Flooding stock.

Before everyone says keep both. I would like too but hate to see too many duplications.
I have a ruger American 22lr bolt action as additional 22lr rifle.

Thoughts ?


I still follow the old rule, “one is none and two is one” line of thought. due to the fact if i have 2 firearms that use the same mags, and one of em breaks I have something that uses the same feed and support systems…now if ya had 3 i would sell one. JM2C