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Kel Tec S2K Glock Mag Release

Alright so I just bought the glock extended magazine release and I’m having trouble with it releasing mags. It seems like I have to push it harder to release the mag, a lot harder than the stock one, any ideas? Maybe the spring is binding somehow, IDK

I just installed one yesterday and it works great
Really like it. I would check the little spring that resets it. Sounds like it may be binding it on the side.

Yeah, I literally just put it all back together lol, guess it’s time to pull it back apart…:man_facepalming:

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Im about to swap from multimag to glock 23 and an going to use the extended release. Should be tomorrow. In the meantime, my button had been kinda sloppy about release. I lost it while i was working on another issue and replaced it with a spring i cut to fit from a bic lighter. I cut it a hair longer and it works like a charm.


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