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Kel Tec RFB QD Sling Mount

Has anyone installed one of the QD Sling Mounts on a Kel Tec RFB?

Specifically, how do you remove the existing (factory) assembly pins (the back two) completely? This must be done in order to install the M*Carbo QD Sling Mount.

I pull them out to right to release the stock from the rest of the gun and that is where they stop (on the right side of the stock) I do not want to damage the pin or the gun when I try to remove it completely. There does not seem to be a detent or spring to depress to release the pin.

Any ideas would help! Thanks so much!!


Just checking with you . Did you get this part from MCarbo? Are you familiar with the web site ?

They make some very good videos on the MCarbo site for most of the upgrades they provide for Kel Tecs.

I haven’t upgraded that firearm but have done several sub 2000 9mm and 40cal upgrades.
good luck and welcome to the Brotherhood.


Hi Larry,

Yes I bought it directly from MCarbo. Excellent service and delivery. I have been referred to the video made for the KSG. However, the pin removal from the KSG is not the same as with the RFB. I have looked at the Kel Tec videos concerning the QD mount. I called MCarbo and the are helping me. I will let you know.

Thanks much for responding!