Kel-Tec RDB Improvements


sorry, haven’t checked back till just now. apparently its already been answered here… but yeah, lucky irishman was it. The guy has a facebook page too for the gun stuff. I chatted with him on FB and like I mentioned above, he said to check back around st patty’s day. Assuming he DOES make more of these, I’m planning on getting one. Seems like there’s a serious need for it with the bit about the stock guard pushing on the barrel. PSSST—“Hey MCARBO, hurry up and make some thing similar sooner and I’ll totally buy it from you instead!” hehe…


I had one and while it did lighten up the front the heat would drop right down the screw that held it to the barrel block.

Really didnt find much more if and advantage other than m-lok attachments.

Its made from 6061 and I would rather have 7075

Eventually went back to original.

Waiting on mcarbo.


FYI TO ANYONE THAT WAS INTERESTED - - - - These lucky irishman handguards are back in stock right now. as I’m typing this, his website reports that there are 20 still in stock.


Too bad my wallet doesn’t have 10-$100.00 bills in stock right now… :grin:

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So I finally got all the parts together the rdb the lucky Irishman Rail and bolt release the keltec magazine funnel and a cheap Amazon $3 grip plug I have not removed the top rail like some have suggested to then reinstall the screws with red Loctite… considering doing that and then finally mounting a red dot or scope and taking it out



Aaron, I would change that Red Locktite to Blue/Purple Loctite… I you ever have to change that top rail mounting sytem it will be almost impossible to do so. You might even be drilling out an ez outing those screws! Good luck and safe shooting!