Kel-Tec RDB Improvements


@jdsawy20 I watched some Youtube videos on the RDB and the adjustable gas system needs to be adjusted depending on what you are shooting and how you are shooting it, the guy shot it suppressed as well. A good idea was to run one round in the magazine at a time (so as to not get a double feed) till you get the gas adjusted properly. If all else fails, one guy sent his back to Kel-Tec…took 6 weeks but runs fine now.


@dave67, I set the gun up like this when I got it. I started unsuppressed by closing the gas system and turning it up one click until the last round hold open worked then added two extra clicks. It’s not underpressured. I can hear and feel the bolt slapping back harder than I expected it would and that’s without the suppressor. It slaps even harder suppressed.

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@jdsawy20 Sounds like you have done all you can with working with the adjustable gas system and I don’t know what else you could do besides sending it back to Kel-Tec. I know you probably don’t want to hear that but it should run as good as it looks.

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Well, I turned the gas ALL the way up and the gun started running fine. But now there’s an unnecessary amount of recoil. Sort of defeats the purpose…I’m going to slap an inexpensive red dot on it and it will be a truck gun. I’m chalking this one up to a loss.

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Just contact kel tec they will pay for shipping and repairs neede

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The problem with my RDB is with the Bolt Stop Weldment (part 424) getting on the wrong side of the hammer and slowing/trapping it so it barely makes an impression on the primer and no bang. If the arms were longer it wouldn’t happen. I tried several times to move it to the correct side, but when the trigger is pulled the hammer must pull back so it gets stuck again.
So it will be at Kel Tec monday and hopefully they replace enough parts so it becomes reliable. I would have been much happier if they sent a tag instead of me paying $35 to ship a brand new rifle to them.
I’m still happy with my Sub 2k though in the meanwhile.

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The day I buy one can’t get here soon enough!!!


Just purchased an RDB from Palmetto State. I’ve been toying with the idea for several months. hopefully will have it for the weekend or the Thanksgiving Holiday.


Shooting mine for the first time in a couple days, Just been adding this and that until the range. Right off the bat I would love to see a better magwell than what kel-tec offers, improved charging handle, butt pad options, and a plug or trap door on the pistol grip. Anyone know if there is a plug that would fit? Critiques aside, I’ve been chomping at the bit for a bull pup and a 5.56 for some time. Looks like the best of both worlds is sitting in my shop. Been picking it up several times a day to make sure it’s real. Kind of like my kids when they were newborns.


Found a pistol grip plug that worked on Amazon the A2 Pistol Grip PLUG for AR/M4 for $7.95. No more in stock right now. The company was ENJ Products, LLC. It kind of stair steps up like an Aztec temple so it can be trimmed to a few different sizes. Wedged up tight without modification on the RDB. Won’t come out without a fight, which is fine by me. Not planning on storing anything in it. Just spotted the ACK, LLC Ergo Grip A2 Pistol Grip Plug (Black) on Amazon for $2.27. looks like the same plug.


Finally received my RDB! Was at the range this weekend and it shot very well. No issues as of now. Very easy to sight in. Less than 10 shots to get it in the 10 ring! Very happy so far.


I’m also interested in different handgaurd, metal trigger, extended bolt-release,etc. etc. The handgaurd though, would be nice to incorporate one that lets more air flow across the barrel too.


Not sure if you’re okay with posting from other folks making parts but,… this hand guard here is pretty much what I’m looking for. This guy made a batch and told me they sold out fast. said to check back around st. patty’s day…


I like it. Can you PM me the website or who makes these units?



Please PM me the website also.

Thanks, Ed


No need to be underground about it, post the site here. I’m interested to see some handguard variations myself. MCARBO doesn’t make any custom forends, but maybe with enough interest and new ideas you guys dream up, they might👍


Here is the direct link. I really like it too, actually makes me want to get an RDB.


And this video shows it in action. Apart from aesthetics, it also improves heat dissipation, and prevents pressure on foreend from impacting accuracy.


Thank you for the link. They are out of stock but I will check the site regularly.