Kel-Tec RDB Improvements


I looked at all the reviews I could find on you tube before I made purchase.

These two have me confidence that the current models are good too go.

Both are long but very informative. No ego just info.


Thanks for posting these videos. Took me awhile but finally got through’em all. I really like the last one. Actually love the idea of combining a “CrossFit” type fitness challenge with PCC style shooting competition.

Now THAT would make my workouts a lot easier to take😅


Hope they helped. Long but informative. I considered what they all had to offer and the years in which they were posted.

The newer generation seems to have any bugs worked out and mine is uber reliable so far. Time will tell.

Yeah. Time to get in better shape. Wish I had a range to do those kind of drills.

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@Flogrown love nutnfancy channel. Some people think he’s a pompous windbag but I dig his content.


I second that on the nutnfancy, I think he puts his opinion out there as he sees it and not everyone is going to agree, I don’t agree with everything he says but I respect that that is his opinion, I enjoy and frequent his channel also, he can be “a pompous windbag” sometimes though😉


@Kona I think he puts his product through real life like situations and See’s how it performs and I for one appreciate that element of the review rather than just putting a few rounds through it.


@Flogrown that and he tests them for months and years before bringing a review to the table.


I love the RDB, but even though KelTec had a nice looking m-lok handguard (supposedly for their “tactical” model), no one’s heard anything since SHOT SHOW about it.
I DO wish someone would come out with an extended bolt-release, a metal trigger (they just feel better), and an m-lok handguard. I KNOW it’s not a great gun to crawl through mud with (and pack it into the the ejection port), but it’s so handy–and mine’s been so reliable–that I love it for HD and range shooting.

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I keep seeing them pop up for around $750… I’m tempted

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Yeah. I got mine for $712 at Sportsmansguide last week (and it’s still that price). I know at least 5 people who mentioned grabbing one. MAYBE this means the “tactical” version is coming soon. I sure do want that handguard (or an M*CARBO one). :wink:


I got a RDB from Sportsman’s in September when they were on sale at $815.
I really like the idea of it and it fits me very comfortably, but unfortunately, mine only fired 7 rounds before it quit. I think something is interfering with the hammer as the firing pin no longer seems to contact the primer.
I’m a little perturbed with Keltec since they so far want me to ship it back on my dime instead of issueing a call tag. It’s the first of all of my guns to have any kind of issue and it appears I have to get my FFL to ship it as the local shipping place wouldn’t touch it even though it’s going back to the manufacturer.

Looking at the forums, the RDB seems to be picky about magazines and it likes Pmag which I have a lot of.
They used to have an issue with firing pins breaking, but it seems to be solved.


Remove the firing pin from the bolt carrier. I bet it broke. I had an identical issue at less than 500 rounds with RDB. Kel-Tec mailed me a new one once I used their contact form which allows you to attach pictures.


This gun has been pretty disappointing to me. I love the concept and IF it runs I like the way it shoots. But it rarely runs. I would have been better off splurging on an X95 or an MDR.


Seriously people. Save your money. I haven’t been able to get the gun to run long enough to do any accuracy testing or even truly sight it in. It won’t fire more that 3 rounds without a failure to feed or failure to fire or a failure to eject. I’ve tried several makes of ammo and several types of magazines. Nothing I do makes any difference. It’s possible I just have a turd, but I still don’t trust it and don’t think I ever can. I don’t even trust it at the range.


I think you need to adjust your gas setting, I hear this issue a lot and dialing up the gas setting has solved almost 100% of the fte / double feed issues.

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@Matt I’m running it suppressed, so there’s no shortage of back pressure, but I’ll definitely give it a shot.


@jdsawy20 Does it run fine “unsuppressed”?


No, suppressed or unsuppressed hasn’t had any effect.

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For anyone interested, palmetto state is having a sale on the RDBs as well as the KSG.