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Kel-Tec RDB Improvements

Yesterday I picked up a Kel-Tec RDB. To say I’m impressed is a drastic understatement. The trigger is great, the ergonomics are awesome, and the general shooting experience is outstanding.

Like all Kel-Tec products, there a a few areas which could use some improvement over factory. It would be amazing if Mcarbo could start to tackle some of these areas.

Despite an amazing trigger, it is still plastic and I can feel some flex. A metal or match trigger would be awesome and greatly improve trigger feel.

The safety lever is also plastic and flexes a bit. It also feels like there’s a bit of a false disengagement.

I’m sure as I get aquatinted with the gun I’ll discover more areas that could use some improvement. For now I’m loving the gun and these are only very knitpicky wish list items.


An extended bolt release would be nice too. The factory one is a bit too small to really be effective and it lacks the leverage to easily release the bolt. It’s easier to use the charging handle which takes quite a bit longer.


Really interested in your range reviews when you can.

I have been considering one.

How isthe report? Loud? Considerable shock wave to face?

Any issues with steel case ammo ?


Surprisingly quiet actually. I usually run a suppressor, but I’m waiting for the mount to come in. I use brakes so it’s going to be a bit louder, however the piston system on the 17.4" barrel has lent itself to be pretty quiet naturally. These guns were designed at the outset to be suppressed so I anticipate it’s going to be pretty awesome once my mount comes in.

There is no shockwave.

The recoil impulse is more “mechanical” feeling than an AR15 or AK patterned rifle. It’s not a bad thing. The gun talks to you and you can tell when it locks open after the last round fired.

It’s extremely accurate and very pointable.

Tuning the gas system is easy. I turned it all the way down so the gun wouldn’t cycle and just kept turning it up so that weakly loaded Tula Steel would lock the bolt open on the last round fired. I then gave it two more clicks on the gas system to ensure reliability and I haven’t messed with it since. When my suppressor mount comes in, I’ll likely turn the gas back down to save wear and tear on the gun.

As far as ammo it eats everything. I’m about 1500 rounds in with various types of brass and steel. I haven’t cleaned the gun at all and the other day while running Tula Steel 55GR OTHP I had a stuck case. The gun had been fired continually for about 500 rounds worth in about 30 minutes, so it was pretty hot and dirty. I would blame the ammo and not the gun in this case. I was beating it pretty hard. After the gun cooled the case popped out by me merely dropping a coated cleaning rod on it once. The case was covered in carbon. If you’re going to run steel cased ammo, I would recommend something like a 200 round cleaning interval. At the very least yank a bore snake through with a little CLP to break the crap up. It’s worth noting that the extractor on the RDB is very high quality. It ripped the rim off the stuck case when I mortared the gun trying to get the case out. That was cool…

Overall, I love this gun. It’s the first gun I’ve owned in a long time that I genuinely itch to shoot and get excited about.

10/10, would buy again.


Thanks Thats just the stuff I needed to hear. It sounds like my experience with the ksg. It comes with.me every range trip. Been shot more in the last few months then my mossberg ever was shot.

Well time to save my pennies .

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I’m looking forward to beating on it more. I’ll keep this thread updated. Maybe Mcarbo will come through for us.


Just ran my friends brand new RDB. No issues even with steel case. Set the gas on 5 and what a pleasure.

We ran about 5 mags in succession. Not super rapid and not slow target fire.

Still what is up with the heat retention?

It seemed to get hotter than regular ar and maintain heat longer.

I am interested but the heat in the handgaurd and cheek weld. Not sure about that.

Not loud at all. No more than regular ar.


There’s no heat shielding in the Kel-Tech hand guard. I don’t think it makes more heat than an AR or AK. It’s just that the gas system is closer to the shooter so it seems like it makes/retains more heat.

Well we went out again and this rifle is way too much fun.

Yes I had to have one

I picked one up put irons on until I get a scope.

Love this thing. Accurate as any Ar. super easy to handle. Still the heat in front handgaurd needs some attention but a foregrip should help .

Once you dial the gas yo your round it’s hardly any noticeable recoil.

Yes it’s a chunk of money but it has proven itself worthy in my book. Definitely a keeper.

Sits right next to my ksg.

Bulpup bookends


You totally got me, what are you referring to??

The rdb is a piston driven system. It has about 20 gas settings. It’s to tweak the.amount if gas needed to cycle bolt and reliability.

very good for working with surpressors.

It comes from factory set to work with m193.

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Thank you @Silverback. I had not even considered that platform until recently. Or the KSG for that matter, until Chris’ announcement. I’ve been very focused on getting my sub together. I am in a AR-ish kinda mood lately, so I’m very interested in hearing more your experience with this piece.

And what MCARBO might come up with to help us make it really rock.

Hadnt visited in a couple weeks, prolly not going to get that frequent user badge but, I was perusing a magazine the other day and saw something I have never seen, the KEl Tec RDB chambered in 223 or 5.56 cant remember. Anyway as soon as I saw it I lnew I had to aske the MCARBO FORUM Kel Tec experts about this rifle. I realize its not the Sub2000 but its chambered in a rifle round.
Who has one? Pros? Cons? Reliability issues? Accuracy? Any thoughts. Good day gentlemen.




I knew it. Good job people :+1:t3:. Carry on.


I really like the design of this weapon having the ejection port on the bottom, I saw a video of Chad Enos firing it it immediately caught my eye but boy are they proud of them I wouldn’t be able to just put that much into a rifle without putting some rounds through it first. It would need to be damn near perfect out of the box for that price tag


They are running about 900.00. Even the tavor can have issues.



For me the Kel Tec RDB requires a dramatic shift of mindset from the above Colt AR15 LE Tactical Rifle also for around $900 +upgrades and accessories. Not that I can’t be got. The SUB2000 represents an unconventional departure from the rest of my armory, which is pretty conventional.

Fortunately, I’m a ways away from either one so I can hang back for awhile and listen to you guys, wait for the right moment. So I hope this thread continues…:+1:


I can see your point. The rdb is smaller in length than the 16 inch AR stock collapsed an it has17.5 inch barrel. Downward eject.

Manual if arms really easy to get used to and best bulpup trigger out there.

Yeah bullpups aren’t for everyone. I still have my 20 barrel ar. It’s a keeper. Love the soft recoil and shooting with irons a pleasure.

I am going to the rdb through its paces for the next few months to insure its reliability. I always like to test my individual guns before trusting them.
If all is good then my 16 inch ar will be sold.

Not trying to sell you.on the rdb.

I found the ksg a super reliable effective package so the rdb seemed like a no brainer after shooting it.
Like the fact that the rdb ejects Brass in nice neat pile at your feet and can still work with cheap steel case ammo.

Well balanced when shouldered.

Ok enough of my blathering. Hopefully someone else will chime in. Lol.


Not blathering at all, appreciate your insight. I’m interested!:+1: