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Kel-Tec RDB 17 aluminum to steel grip pins

Some time ago I purchased the RDB trigger spring kit. Today I planned to install this spring only to be met with grief. This new firearm has never been fired by me or broken down before today. Following along with the video while removing the 2.5 mm screws on the lower I encountered one that seemed stripped. I managed to pull the two sides apart to realize that an aluminum grip pin had been omitted from the original assembly at the factory. !#*@!!! The lowest forward pin on the hand grip; both screws were present however. After checking the screws on the other side of the lower I found 1 screw that is stripped in the aluminum pin. Watching the video a bit further you mention a carbon steel grip pin upgrade possible. I don’t see this carbon steel grip pin upgrade available so think maybe not enough interest to create one on your part. Do you have a kit to replace the aluminum factory ones? It looks like 3 different lengths are needed on the lower. If not are you or anyone aware of an available kit to solve this weakness? Would rather get away from the aluminum if possible, but maybe warrantee send in is my only option.

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I’ve noticed there is a KEL-TEC SUB 2000 Grip Pin Upgrade Kit. Could this kit work a bit if nothing is available for the RDB? same size pins and threads?


Kel Tec will warranty the aluminum bits. I don’t know if the MCARBO s2k upgrades will fit.

I would call KT to get the missing and stripped bits replaced.

I’d be interested in the steel pins as well.