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Kel-Tec PF9 Review


Got my New Kel-Tec PF9 today. Thoughts out of the box?

Super light and comfortable for me as I have small-ish hands.

Only came with one magizine which is kinda disappointing but not a big deal.

The pinky extension it comes with for the magazine is garbage unless you have baby hands. I’m going to get the Kel-Tec plus one magazine extension and see if that helps.

The trigger pull while long and heavy is unexpectedly smooth for a pistol of this price. I’m going to put in the MCARBO 3lb trigger spring and see how that feels.

The slide release is almost impossible to work as it is extremely stiff. Maybe that will break in after my 200 round test. Not a deal breaker for me as I always rack the slide after a reload.

The magazine release I find to be easy to use yet not so easy as to accidentally hit it.

The sights while plastic seem sturdy enough and have large white dots that make sight acquisition easy.

Over all I am quite pleased with it so far. We will see how that changes after I take it out this weekend.


@aadavis94 If you have a gauge, can you give us a before and after trigger pull reading?


Unfortunately I do not have a gauge


Small and light, gets decent reviews. Take it to the range and holler afterwards


@PattonWasRight That’s what I was planning on. Will prob put 200 rounds through it this weekend. And post my results. Then do the mcarbo upgrade on it and do another 200.


250 round review.

First thing. My hand hurts. This gun is snappy.
That being said at 7 yards all my shots were inside of an 8 inch target at 7 yards.

Now I probably didn’t give this gun the best chance for feeding and ejecting as I was using Winchester stew case ammo to just get rid of it. Using that ammo I had 6 light primer strikes and 2 FTE. No FTF.

I also shot 14 rounds (2 magizines) of Hornady 135 grain flexlock critical duty. First round was a light primer strike. Otherwise they fed and shot pretty well.

Grip is a little short to get a good grip. Mag release is easy to reach and mags drop easily. Sight picture is easy to acquire.

I have ordered the MCARBO upgrades and the Kel-Tec +1 mag/grip extension. After I get those installed I will post another 250 round review with better ammo.


Installed the MCARBO upgrades today. Went fairly smooth. The new trigger spring makes a huge difference. Haven’t gotten the magazine extension yet. Gonna take it out tomorrow and test it out again.


Good job, I have waiting to shoot a gun after making a change to it. Good luck … Hope the light strikes clear up


I’m hoping so. I’m really hoping to be able to use it as a carry gun.


If it still does, should just mean a new or aftermarket firing pin spring. Don’t know if there’s an aftermarket option but Kel tec would maybe give you a replacement spring to try. Bummer because you always getting like you want to put a decent number of rounds to confirm everything works before confident to carry


MCARBO upgrade and the Kel-Tec magazine extensions helped a lot. Still not a range toy but I feel like it is much easier to control now. Only put 4 or 5 mags through today. Next weekend I will put more to see how it handles and if I got rid of the light primer strikes and FTE.