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Kel tec pat3 And p32 trigger jobs and guidance rod issues

Went to install a couple SS guide rods and springs. Pat3 was easy and went well. But the guide rod is longer that whats in the p32 and it seemed to drag when installed so the p32 didn’t get it.

Then the trigger spring was not going to fit on my p32 because no hole in the trigger. It needs a new trigger so it seems to me that the spring kit shouldn’t be sold without the complete trigger which I hear is very inexpensive… first time I ran into something I thought could be improved on.

The optic mount is awesome. Mine was slightly canted and the small washers corrected it.


Update/ I bumped up my order in my shopping cart from one to two guide rods thinking the 380 was the same as the 32 from the description.

There is a drop down to select which one I had forgotten about. A new one for my 32 is on the way…

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going to have to put in suggestions that they come out with some of the older model P-40 parts… did the trigger spring ,guide rod, and belt clip with stainless pins years ago, but it could use some upgrades…


I ordered the trigger spring for my P32, no way to install it without destroying the trigger.
Not too happy with that so I ordered a Galloway Precision hammer spring for my P32, seems to be a better option.


I ordered the trigger spring and S.S. guide rod for my P3AT. As

Not happy with the video that made no mention of this. Ordered extra trigger and pin from Kel-Tec. Also I didn’t need the S.S. guide rod as mine was carbon steel and not plastic like the video said although it looks good. My stupidity there! Need to update the video.


I agree, disappointing.
How did you remove the trigger?


I have two Mcarbo trigger kits and two tiggers from KelTec.

My plan is to mark and the best I can drill through the plastic top of the installed trigger going very small at first to use a very small diameter pin punch. If I don’t wreck the trigger then I reuse it. If I do mess it up then I have a spare on hand (they are very cheap).

Prior to installing a new trigger I would/will think about drilling a small hole through the trigger incase I’d ever want to take it apart again.


That sounds like a good plan, probably the best way to go about it.

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@AV8R I was so damn mad I just punched the trigger pin on thru and it broke it. Triggers are cheap at $1.50 each. Need to include one with each spring kit for the P32 and P3AT as they are different than the gun shown in the video.


I thought about doing that for a moment too!


I agree triggers are cheap and should be include with the spring kit. And kelTek should have designed the trigger to be removed… and and and but given what the retail price is and what you get to work with it isn’t too bad. I don’t normally get toooo mad. And things like this are somewhat fun trying to find a way to do it correctly knowing if I screw it up then I’m not out of much… thst in itself makes it interesting without too much concern… but I do understand the frustration one can feel


I received an email from the lead gunsmith regarding this issue.
However, it would be nice if simple instructions were provided with the part and there was mention of this on the website.

“ Some of the P-32s do not have the hole. You’ll have to punch a hole using a 3/32" drill pit. The pin is just under the plastic.”


I’d be will to bet that very few if any P32s are pre drilled from factory… or at least when you get a new trigger it’s not pre drilled (neither one of mine are).

I wasn’t taking any chances, I also ordered two plastic pins because my irritation is having to do rework from either my own faults or having the lack of parts on hand.


On another note (a very good note) I got my Hornady AP setup now to do 32 ACP.

Well I mean I had it set up prior but no matter how I adjusted the expander die, I could not bell or expand the mouth to hold a 60 gr xtp although a 71 gr Berrys RN did sit a little better.

No thanks to the now days snobbish stick up Hornady techs I found a guy who make powder funnels and he agreed to make me one small enough to probably do a 25 caliber.

Hornady does not make a 32 PTX (powder funnel).

The SoCal bullet magazine ^ partially loaded.

Since we can’t upload a video without first posting it online I just took a few screen shots and you will have to trust it operates very smoothly and works great!

The bullet feed die is a mr bullet 9mm die. I modified it by making a brass insert

The bullet magazine is from SoCal and I use both the 9mm and the .308 magazines but the 308 is a little snug and takes a tad bit longer to load than the 9mm.

This is the new 32 caliber powder funnel (PTX)

And the company who was kind enough to make it fit me… iirc it was the same price as their standard powder funnels $20 shipped to my front door.

Compared to the Hornady expander (PTX).

The above photo shows a SoCal 9mm bullet magazine on top of the Mr bullet die. You can see how the smaller 32 staggers itself so I took a chance and ordered a .308 bullet magazine. They stack perfectly but it’s a close fit and a tad bit harder to load through the smaller hole.

With insert installed the previously too short 32 auto case is now just the correct length to drop a bullet and the die is adjusted so the shell plate dies not actuate the bullet feed die. (It did at first and would drop 2-3 bullets stacked on top of each other lol).

I also ordered a 308 bullet feed die. I think it would work equally as well without an insert but you would have to permanently modify the die but shortening the skirt and drilling new holes for the keeper pin.

I decided to not modify the 308 and instead use it as it was designed for since I also now have the .308 bullet magazine. I already had two Hornady 9mm bullet feed dies, one set up for 9 and the other 380.

Mr bullet feed die (9mm) with insert installed. Using a pick and a detent hole the insert can come out. It is only an interference fit.

Needless to say that the P32 has brought me great joy. The ability to hold on target makes it an accurate very fun pistol to shoot. It has a lot less jump than it’s big bro 380. The bullet feeding has made loading those small bullets so much easier, faster and it is fun to load, to shoot and also to make an auto 32 reloading press crank out some really nice ammo!

Now for a replacement barrel kit to shoot the 32 NAA :heart: