Kel-Tec or Kaw Valley-somebody's wrong

OK, so I ordered me a KV linear comp. Looked up the barrel thread specs in my owner’s manual. It states 5/8 X 24 TPI. Kaw Valley says the same thing. Comp arrived today and it ain’t even close! Anybody know the true specs on a SUB2000 .40 S&W barrel?


Hm. According to the downloadable manual, page 6 says 9/16 X 24.


Festus is right. I bought a rock your Glock performance muzzle brake for my .40 and the 9/16x24 threaded perfectly on it.


Yup, that’s the one I went by. Just got off the phone with KT who confirmed the same. Even the package I rec’d states it is for: .45/.40/10mm.

I’m thinking KV packaged the wrong comp…


Bit of a followup. I purchased the incorrect Kaw Valley Comp from Wing Tactical. When I informed them via email it would not work, they said no problem, just send it back for a refund. I have since asked them 3 seperate times via email what was the correct specs, did they have the correct one in stock and could I simply exchange this one for the correct one?

The first response:

Thank you for reaching out to us. I am sorry to hear the comp is not working for you.
Upon checking, the .40 cal Tec SUB2000 Gen2 is utilized 6/16x24" thread. The Kaw Valley Precision for .40, .45 & 10mm is only compatible with 5/8x24 TPI. They will not work with each other.
I have created an RMA for you; to qualify for a return:

My response on Oct 6:
Please forgive the late response. My beloved wife passed away Sept.16.
Sorry, but I’ve never heard of a ‘6/16X24 thread’ before Does Kaw Valley make a suitable compensator for my firearm?
If so, I woiuld like to exchange the incorrect one for it.
If not, what do you have available?

I sent 2 more emails asking the same thing and got 2 responses essentially saying the same thing:

Thank you for getting back to us.
Please let me know if you have any other questions or concerns.
Thank you very much, have a great day.

Today, I blew up their facebook page asking if I could call and speak to someone that actually could answer my questions directly. The response was they are fine with me returning the incorrect one for a refund-even sent me a pre-printed shipping return label with RMA#, and yes, they DO have the correct comp in stock but no, they will not exchange them…

:rage: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

EDIT sorry for the rant but this has been one more Monday from Hell it’s self and the above had really capped it off. At least I can get a refund-provided the USPS doesn’t lose it.

but on a MUCH brighter note, I was just informed by my father (who had financed my house in 2014) a few minutes ago that he had an annuity come due and is going to use it to finish paying off my mortgage! I still had 6 more years left to go…

well damn, imagine that? I might sell off almost every firearm I now own and start over!


That is wild my friend! It sucks they wont exchange it for you, I’ve bought a ton of stuff from wing tactical and have had nothing but great service from them (including incorect orders). But heck, times change, or they were having a bad day too. As for the 6/16ths I’d say someone fat fingered that one lol.

Did you end up reordering the correct one? Sometimes I just order the correct one then return the wrong one so down time is reduced.

Wow, that is a heck of a thing your father did! One less thing to worry about.


Well, I certainly ain’t complainin’!

But I was ready to go ballistic earlier today. And not at Wing Tactical. Looks like I’ll be changing pharmacies. Problem is, there are only 3 in town and one is Walgreen’s-which I refuse to use. Anyway, it was a very long and tedious day that ended rather well. Thank God for that!


That seems ridiculous. How hard could it be?

Do refund transaction.
Apply account credit balance to new part.
Ship new part.

Oh!!! Don’t even get me stah’dud on them. LOL


Sounds, to me, like they are willing to sell a thread spec part, but unwilling to guarantee his firearm has a spec’d thread pattern.