Kel-Tec or Kaw Valley-somebody's wrong

OK, so I ordered me a KV linear comp. Looked up the barrel thread specs in my owner’s manual. It states 5/8 X 24 TPI. Kaw Valley says the same thing. Comp arrived today and it ain’t even close! Anybody know the true specs on a SUB2000 .40 S&W barrel?

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Hm. According to the downloadable manual, page 6 says 9/16 X 24.


Festus is right. I bought a rock your Glock performance muzzle brake for my .40 and the 9/16x24 threaded perfectly on it.


Yup, that’s the one I went by. Just got off the phone with KT who confirmed the same. Even the package I rec’d states it is for: .45/.40/10mm.

I’m thinking KV packaged the wrong comp…