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Kel Tec M-Series SUB2000

Here it is! Chris Nelson @ Shot Show 2019.


Looks mighty good from here! And I was quite relieved to hear those two words: “first run”-cuz y’all know there ain’t no way a thousand units will ever be able to meet demand… …oh-and I’d like mine in all black, please! :rofl:


The magic question is how much $$

My guess would be $800


Impressive. Wish I’d have waited for the M version to come out.


That’s what I would guess, $800-900. Should be more than buying all of the parts and doing it yourself and the same or less expensive than a CZ Scorpion. I would still rather do it myself. My sub is a project gun and I am having a great time pimping it out. But others would rather have KT do it. Now there is an option for everyone. Kudos to MCARBO and KT. It’s a win win.


How would we even go about acquiring a M series sub… Would we have to buy directly from kel-tec and they would ship it to our ffl?


They will probably sell them through retail outlets.


I get that, but we were told we would have first option to buy is why I’m asking.


I would presume that for ‘the do it yourself’ person, the M-series would not be a huge selling feature… The ‘do it for me’ folk will buy the heck out of em! The do it for yourself person has a ‘specific’ interest and will try to ‘out build’ the best or at least until a ‘better’ idea comes about… Then a ‘better’ gun is produced? That is why the SHOT SHOW is so successful… Big smiles!


On FB they said $600 without optic.

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Yeah, just not seeing $600.

That’s their official reply. Seems crazy right? Cheaper for me to sell mine. Even at $700 it’s cheaper for me to sell mine. Trigger Bundle and Bolt is almost $300 plus you get literally everything, sight/grip/break…I don’t know.

My thought on the $600 dollar price, if that’s accurate, is–the MCARBO upgrades are replacements, so you can factor out the cost of the factory parts. I think they also said there’ll be options, so maybe that $600 will just be essential items and exclude stuff like the muzzle brake and optic mount. Plus naturally MCARBO is selling things marked up some, as is Keltec. Gotta make money. So if this is largely a promotional concept, margins can be slim.

Just a guess. I’d consider one for $600, but if it’s much higher I have lots of other guns I want too.

Like I said, $600 is what they said fro everything minus mount. Mount was $700. Might be a typo but they have be hundred more each to make sense.

Edit: Finally found the post, $695 and $795 so yeah, $100 more than what I said. Thought it seemed off. Still, less than $300 more than base price and you get roughly $424.70 (trigger bundle, break, sight, buffer, bolt, cover and not even an RCH) worth of extras minus the optic since there’s no solid price on that yet except it’s $100 more with the package so I’d imagine $120 alone?

Definitely about to sell mine and just get this. Well, get this then sell mine. It’s pointless now.

I’m trying to justify to myself why I need this😀
I basically have it already minus the bolt tube cover and mine has the double finger charging handle instead of the recoilless.

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Some things in life you don’t why you need, them you just need them… :rofl:
Everything done assembled and still factory lifetime warranty at a discounted price.
I may just by a second for that reason only. I feel my Sub2K is already in a perfect state but to have the lifetime warranty may well be worth it.
That makes me wonder if doing MCarbo modifications (i.e. internals) does that void the warranty?

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Warranty is good no matter if you put in MCARBO parts or not. We have established that fact quite awhile ago👍

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If the cost of the S2K-M is less than buying a stock S2K and installing the same MCARBO parts yourself, it would kill MCARBO’s aftermarket business and kill this forum to some degree. It’s a business decision which will be interesting to see how it plays out. However it plays out, I am glad I did it myself. I understand how it works and that’s cool. Scott


YU[quote=“Scooter, post:18, topic:4107”]
it would kill M CARBO’s aftermarket business and kill this forum to some degree.

I don’t think it will kill the aftermarket business or he wouldn’t have done it. More like an expansion of the business to me, with an offering for those who just want the performance characteristics, who might not buy the parts otherwise. Also capitalizing on the S2k’s growing popularity up from its ‘cult myth’ arising.

As far as killing the forum, I don’t think so either. Seems like a real Brotherhood has formed here, bonds, friendships, families…we talk about a lot more than the SUB2000! And then we always circle back to our favorites: guns, and shooting, and ammo…hey we’re just having a conversation here😆


Chris has created a new thread of the same name and I don’t want there to be confusion over the two. We can always reopen or merge this topic after.