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Kel-Tec in your Backyard

This doesn’t just apply to just Kel-Tec but being the main topic with the Sub2k they’r emy example. Any gun company though in your background, what would you like for them to offer? I appreciate the faster service since I can drive to Kel-Tec and get something fixed but I would love a range. They’re right there! I should be able to go and test everything without trying random stores that may or may not have something to rent.


Interesting idea. I wonder how many of the shooters on your block shoot Kel Tec.

My locals are Primary Arms, Radical Firearms and we used to have Houston Armory. Primary Arms has their optics mounted to blue gun stocks for customers to try. No range at Radical. I did get one of Houston Armory’s suppressors mounted to my 556 Tavor and we test fired in their development Lane in their back room. But Houston Armory is the business that didn’t survive.

Letting the public shoot at a manufacturers facility puts them into a much higher insurance bracket. IMO it would also require a dedicated staff to run, manage and maintain a range open to the public. I seriously doubt Kel Tec has enough customers in your neighborhood to support the cost of running a public range.

That said, I know they offer shot show attendee’s the experience you seek every year in Vegas. I would not be surprised if they sponsor a few range days a year as well. I’ve enjoyed range days sponsored by CZ, STI, S&W and Springfield Armory at local Houston ranges. I may have missed events for other manufacturers including Kel Tec. Heck, a local to me forum group enjoyed a couple of the first Polymer 80 AR lowers to hit the streets back when P80 was a startup.

You got me thinking 'bout a way to support MCARBO locally. @ChrisNelson hit me via PM if you’d be up for an event in Houston where your customers (us) got together specifically to show off the transformations your products have facilitated. Heck, I’ve got Marlin, s2k, 938 & HiPoint in my collection. I’ve got an awesome venue and @Texprep here that might help as well. We could push the scheduling out to Memorial Weekend. Venue I’m thinking is Texas Gun Club - peek at their website, think on it and hit me if you need a local to make it happen.


close to me, PSA less than 30 min 1 way. has a range. I usually drive another 15 to my LGS, has a range as well.


PSA does? Didn’t know that, but it’s good prescedence. Been condiering their AKs.

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I too like gun shops with ranges…things to rent or test before you leave.

M*CARBO would need more room to add a range but wouldn’t that be cool?? So next time Chris asks what else we would like…


It would help sell. Imagine a way to test an MCarbo modified Sub2k and a stock one. Maybe you’ll feel the difference immediately, maybe not, have to test it to find out but it’s a though.