Kel Tec CQB integrally suppressed sub-2000

Has anyone checked the specs to see which Mcarbo sub-2000 replacement parts will function in the newly released Kel Tec CQB?


I would think that everything from the receiver back would take the same parts as the regular Sub does. Same rifle just a different front end.


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DocA is correct, except anything sight related. The CQB doesn’t come with sights. The only thing on the top of the receiver is a spring loaded catch to hold the rotating barrel shroud in place.


First time poster. Wondering if the internally suppressed barrel will be able to be switched out with an earlier model of the Sub-2000. Considering doing a conversion.

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It looks like an easy swap onto a Gen 2 Sub. You would also have replace the rear sight with the tab to hold the barrel shroud. That said, I’ll bet Kel-Tec isn’t planning on offering the parts for a conversion until they see a drop in demand for the CQB.


Thanks for the reply. Probably right, from a profit stand point. Makes sense to not offer the parts, although they would have to offer replacement barrel/baffles as they get wore out. Don’t know much about suppressors but don’t they wear out pretty quickly?

Anyway, thanks for the response.