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Kel-tec CP33 22LR

Went range and shot my kel tec cp33 after sighting in scope on my 10/22.

I am constantly amaze at this great 22lr pistol.
The five optic sights just pop put at you.
So easy to shoot accurately.

Always fun when its 22lr day

When kel tec brings out a cmr version my 10/22 will end up collecting dust


You are lucky to own one…i have been dying to get one…


I picked mine up the minute they came out. M0095 serial number.

Keep looking.

Now I am think about the su22 instead of waitng.
I already have s&w. Mags for my cmmg ar conversion I built. I like the lighter weight. Su22 just 4lbs.
If its anything like this cp33 then my other 22lrs will have to go on the market. Lol


Is it as finicky with loading the mags as the other Kel-Tec .22mag pistol was, even accounting for rimlock?


Not really. I havent had issues. There are other forum members that have problems.

Rounds seem to go in smoothly. You just have to use that slight push down and rearward motion.

Havent experience any rim lock and I have been using thunder bolt ammo.

You may have issue if you use ammo where the rounds wobble or spin in brass. Like the bulk gold bullets and some Winchester rounds do.