Kayak Anglers Rigs & Tips


@Scooter all that equipment and only one fish :joy:

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K … so …

Slowly working my way toward Angl’n. Finally got the plastic wet. I need to get the rudder better adjusted, but the short ride was a win.

GF took this pic from the overly busy boat ramp:

I had intended to wear the PFD, but evidently old habits are hard to replace. I spent all of Saturday and this morning reconfiguring a swap meet motorcycle cargo trailer (trailer did Texas to Alaska and back behind a Sheriff’s Harley), so I’ll be showing my handiwork soon. I’m gonna tweak it a bit based on things I learned with about 75 miles loaded pull.


Finally had some time to put into my many things I have going on. Finished my no rot trailer deck made from plastic pallets. Now I’m ready to slip off in the creeks again.


Definitely a huge score getting this old jet ski trailer for the free


@Flogrown I’ve got to ask what do you think the sun is gonna be like reflecting off that aluminum spray paint?


Just an undercoat. Had it laying around going over it with smoke grey. But definitely wouldn’t be too kind on the eyes. Started to post that the RoboCop pain job wasn’t final lol


Finished uo my trailer as well. Pulled great on Sunday for a quick run to see how the yak handles wind and chop. Still need to hook it up to the bike and confirm she pulls before I call that project closed. It’s built onto a highly modified motorcycle cargo trailer and I built a second tier so I can pull yaks for a couple guys I ride with as well.

I definitely had to zoom in to figure out what was going on with that seemingly aluminum yak (leastwise seemingly on my phone - made the crate look like about 120 horsepower too). I thought you’d gone skiff on us.


@Dred Hahaha, nice work on the trailer man. My next project is getting a ladder rack installed onto my deck for a second level as well. It will be the platform for my rooftop tent. It always feels good to make something out of nothing.


Just took a test run down to the creek. It is so nice to not have to go through the process of carrying your yak to the ramp then rigging it up before you can paddle off. With the trailer it’s back up hook up leave everything on your kayak and drop it so nice. Now I am going to start slaying some catfish, bream and blue gills.


@Dred I am the same as you, I have never once left the ramp with a PFD. I feel more comfortable without it. How does the yak do behind the bike? Your yak is definitely heavier than mine not sure about the trailer. Can you even tell it’s there?