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As I am getting ready to move, I sold both of my yaks. When I get to where I am going I hope to either look for a Hobie or a Stealth.


Hobie Pro Anglers are so nice. Out of my budget though so I had to do the poor man’s fishing yak thing but it works. I haven’t been able to get mine out since early spring. Me and a coworker are planning an outing soon going after some sheepshead


I have been kayak fishing for 15 years salt and freshwater but recently just just freshwater. Actually fished with Squidder_K a few times when I lived in NorCal. Small world it is. Attached is a pic of a 4 pound trout I caught at a Heroes on the Water event this year with my faithful fishing buddy Carli. I use a OK Malibu 2 XL with the dog. I have 2 other fishing kayaks, Hobie Adventure Island and Eddyline Caribbean 12’.


@Scooter That’s cool does Carli go out every time? My kayak is way too small for me to try that. Does she try to retrieve the fish? :fishing_pole_and_fish:


@Scooter the next time you have a chance I would like to see how you rigged your Garmin setup if it wouldn’t be a bother


Carli is my second kayak retriever. She goes with me on all trips except for trips when it is raining and cold. I train my retrievers from when they are puppies. I teach them to only retrieve/swim on command. I let her kiss the fish when I bring it onboard and lick the net clean. I couldn’t ask for a better fishing companion. Scott


That’s freaking awesome man, I love it


There is a good group of kayak anglers in your area. http://www.jaxkayakfishing.com/fishing_spots.html It’s a great place to learn how to rig your kayak and meet people to fish with. That’s how I met Squidder_K. Great guy BTW. Thank you for your service!

I wrote an article on White Sea Bass fishing if you want to see how extreme kayak fishing can be. http://www.norcalkayakanglers.com That was in my younger days. ha ha


Scooter is being modest, he is fish slaying machine!


I’ve just closed a looooong chapter 'bout shopping for the right Yak. I went back and forth and back and forth again regarding my drive system. One of my local Academy’s closed the shopping and the big drive Q by marking my new Perception Pescador Pilot down to $1499. It lists at $1799 everywhere including: Academy.com

It will be a few weeks working up to getting it wet, but it looks like:

I’ve grown up as a Salt water, bait fisherman. 2019 is my year to learn to fish lures and possibly toss in a little fresh water learning too. My major project is deciding how to move this back and forth to the water. Hopefully I get a trailer rigged so I can drag it behind the bike. I can definitely haul it on my Timeout Camper, but that’ll be heavy for the bike.


@Dred the modified jet ski trailer is perfect for mine yours is longer though. Nice score man that is a really nice kayak.


@Dred I was thinking a gheenoe trailer would probably be better for you they are longer and would fit your yak better. A lot of guys go buy the harbor freight trailer I think it’s like $500 and they modify it to their liking


I have fingers crossed on a long shot. I loaned out a Jet Ski trailer to a friend of my father 'bout 6 years ago when I sold my Ski. I haven’t inquired about it in that time, but I’ll be asking my pops to find out if it still exists.

And/or I have a motorcycle sized cargo trailer that I bought to rig for pool care. One year later I haven’t built it out so it is my best bet to build into a yak fishing rig.

Camping behind the truck is covered. Here she sits on a very messy (cat’s favorite place to be is on my white trailer so we stack stuff on it) Timeout camping trailer:

I’ve ordered a scupper trolley, a paddle and a pair of water shoes today. And I’m amazed that I haven’t dragged it out back to float it in her pool yet.


@Dred before you go out to do some fishing you will want to figure out a good anchor system. The anchor trolley system is great allows you to face any direction not just where the current puts you. I fish alot of shallows and flats so I just use a power pole type system.


@Flogrown You are spot on, coming up with a good anchor system is a must. My buddy uses the anchor trolley, it’s ok but I don’t like all the holes he had to drill. I tried the pole type anchor and liked it but as you said it is only good for the shallows. I just use a simple 1.5lb. folding anchor from Dicks. I can tie it off anywhere on my yak to swing the yak in any direction depending on current/wind and direction I want to cast.


@Flogrown and @dave67 … A power pole is a definite for my kit and I’m gonna keep it simple. I still haven’t figured out how the trolley systems work and I gotta admit I learned what they are trying to accomplish reading your posts.

Part of the reason I went pedal/rudder is to use power to hold a position while fishing. Power pole is “in” 'cause the prop will be “tucked” in the shallows. Actually ordered a paddle that breaks into 4 parts so I can stow the paddle and pack a pole in a paddle cleat. I did have a power pole on a motor boat a few years back and it was the most awesome setup imaginable when I could get a good stab in the mud.

Ok … back to sucking up knowledge at a local kayak board.


First kayak was a POS Bass pro AssEnd rec kayak that I converted to fishing. Drilled two holes in back for mounted rodholdrrs and a Scotty swivel rodholder in front. Rolled it once in the Rigolets. Total cost was $400 new including paddle, seat, rodholders.

#2 kayak was a 2011 Hobie Revolution 13 Gen 2 overpriced POS. Had to buy the optional large rudder and optional turbo fins if I wanted the option of having a fishable kayak. I added two Scotty rodholders in front and two PVC pipes in back to make the molded in crappy rodholders workable. Total cost was $2000. Rolled it once at the Trestles in Slidell. The seat SUCKS; wet ass all the time

#3 kayak is my current one, a Perception Pilot Pro 12. It is the best value among all pedal powered yaks - only $1500 new. I added a Scotty rodholder in front plus a raymarine dragonfly gps chartplotter/ sonar combo. I added two pvc pipe sections in back to extend the crappy molded in rodholders. I also took some 1/4" aluminum plate to make a larger rudder. The stock plastic rudder is too damn small. Most fishable yak of the three by far


Here are some pics of my Garmin. The transducer is mounted on a PVC arm which is attached to the unit. The LiPO4 5 amp battery is in the waterproof dry box. Two stainless steel brackets hold the battery box in place. The extra transducer wire is wrapped around the base. The unit is attached to the yak with a 1" RAM ball mount. The whole unit is self contained so I can move it to my other yaks. The down side of a drop transducer is that it makes noise and picks up weeds compared to a shoot through installation.


First pic is a Garmin Shepherd?


That is great news for me. Mine is still dry, but I’m making progress and nearly ready to get all zen with the wet world. I tried to buy Boondox Landing Gear but after visiting Austin Canoe & Kayak plans changed and I finished my design/build transport cart a few hours ago. I did get my PFD at ACK and picked up a handheld VHF as well. My Sonarphone T-box arrived today so I will be prepping a L bracket to adapt the Sonarphone transducer mount to the transducer mount on the yak.

I feel a bit silly doing so much to personalize my yak given I count more than 40 years since I last paddled a kayak. But I guess I just do me this way. Gf does a girls weekend nxt week so I’ll be on the water by Saturday.