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@dave67 Very nice. Salt or freshwater or both?


@Flogrown Native does make a front and rear skirt to cover the top if in rougher water but makes it to hard to get to your stuff. I have taken it in rough water and it will come over the front. The Ultimate 12 is more of a hybrid kayak/canoe and where I fish is always calm. All freshwater.


I like it a lot. Mine is a cheapo I had to modify to make work for me. Your stock setup is nice. Any mods or planning any?


What do you mostly fish for? What kind of bait do you use? I mostly use live mud minnows. Inside the toolbox I mounted to mine I have a live well for my baits. It is better than the bait bag I use to hang from the side of the yak. Less drag while paddling. Also I had a school of lady fish try to eat my bait through the bag one day.


@Flogrown The reasons I went with this yak was the comfy seat with back support and the ability to stand up. I modified the rod tubes to except two more rods and added a cup holder, paddle holder and mounts for running lights and anchor light. My tackle goes in a bag behind the seat. I only use artificial lures, mostly crankbaits. I really like ultralight fishing, you can always catch something on small light tackle. Where I fish I have caught white perch, yellow perch, largemouth bass, striped bass, crappie, bluegill, sunfish, catfish, carp and american pickerel.


@dave67 very true and very smart. The lighter the better. I can’t stand in mine but I have an idea for some outrigger like pontoons that should allow me to stand if I want. I have alot of swampy creeks around me and there isn’t any dry land to pull off and stand up you have to look for a fallen tree to pull up to. The back definitely gets a little tight


I think this should allow me to stand up in my yak without walking the tightrope


Nice Work !:+1: Do they pivot up and out and can be put into the Yak behind you like ‘’ Fish On’’ Style Rod Holders where you can Rotate them Fore and Aft in the Gunnel Part of Mount. Anyway looks Great !


That’s not my yak I’m just stealing someone else’s intellect. They pivot up and down and lock in both positions. They can be removed when not in use


Awesome. Hope it’s worthy for you. I thoroughly enjoy my time on the water almost as much as shooting. But not quite.:wink:


Let me know how it goes. If you seal the deal post us some pics


How was the kayak you looked at today?


:unamused: I’ll keep my eyes out for you brother. How long or does it matter?


Gotcha, I’ll see what I can find. The guy that gave me the jet ski trailer has another one just like it he wants rid of just needs tires and lights. I know a guy selling one but it isn’t peddle driven and I don’t believe it accepts one either.


Lacking the peddle drive but a nice one regardless


I need like 3-4 more of these plastic pallets to make the new deck for my trailer. Wish I knew where to get them


Here in AK Sometimes you can go to Customer Service and Ask @ Counter Like Home Depot,or Fred’s or local Milk Distributors, The Return Freight to the Company Sometimes Exceeds the Value of Unit/Pallet.


Thoughts on the color scheme rough draft


A few images from Half Moon Bay, CA, Lake Tahoe, East Bay Hero’s on the water (GF’s Gree Walden Kayak), and some Crabbing Result Pics.


@Squidder_K when’s dinner?