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Kayak Anglers Rigs & Tips


Any kayak anglers in the brotherhood? Share your rig, tips, tricks, and experiences.


This is my 9 foot kayak I bought for $60.00 5 years ago and modified it into an intracoastal fishing machine. Mostly looking for reds, speckled trout, and flounder. I also enjoy going out into the freshwater creeks off the St.Johns River to fish for largemouth bass, catfish, and blue gills. I just got the jet ski trailer for free, score. I will be converting into a kayak/camping trailer. All in all I have about $100.00 invested into this kayak. It was nothing but a sit on top ocean kayak with nothing on it when I bought it.


Very Nice it looks like it’s wider than most’ and a flat bottom,and square transom? I would get into this unlike the other none stable/ roll over models out in production.


It’s not square transom but very stable. I was thinking about adding some outriggers so I can stand up when I choose.


I like it !:sunglasses:


Thank you much. It is simple and cheap but I can go anywhere a Hobie pro angler can go for 1/10 the price!!!:money_mouth_face:


It’ll be interesting to see what shows up here. I just recently purchased a kayak intending to use it for freshwater fishing in local rivers, ponds, and lakes. I’ve taken it out 2x just to paddle around and see how it handles. Now I need to figure out how I want to set it up simply.


@bgeckle Any pics to show us? It will help us to make suggestions.


It is a simple Sundolphin 12’. Heres a stock pic:


@Flogrown Nice setup. Love the repurposed trailer.


@godallmighty Thanks buddy, I just picked the trailer up. My kayak isn’t really too long for my truck bed it’s just more convenient to leave it on the trailer hook up and take off.


Nice, I wish mine came with rod holders. I had to cut holes into mine very carefully. If you do any cuts always cut a little small, you can always go back and trim more if need be.


44f8cd5af9dcaaa34af221a683845252--camping-tents-kayak-trailer I’m thinking something like this when I’m finished


@Flogrown What a great idea. Never ceases to amaze me the minds of people on this forum.


https://youtu.be/FkR02TFDziY this is a nice setup as well


LMAO. I’m just back from a weekend beach side in my Time Out Camping Trailer at Lake Somerville. I’m laughing because I shopped for a deal on a fishing kayak which I will mount to the top of the camping trailer.


I made my rod/net holder/anchor pole system from pvc "1.25 painted it with a textured black paint. When I’m fishing the shallows I don’t use my anchor I have a pole that slides down through my rack. Like a poor man’s power pole


@KM55 The propel system is nice allows you to cast while peddling. I used one once wasn’t sure if I preferred sore legs or sore arms. Thank you sir. I highly recommend getting a yak even if your not huge into fishing. Sometimes it’s just nice to hear nothing but nature


@bgeckle I have seen lots of people make a rack system that fits into your recessed rod holders from pvc, many different configs but everyone is different. Just an idea you may be interested in.a733f81c7dd603e6b42078154bb1bc5e--rod-holders-kano


Native Watercraft makes some really nice kayaks but not cheap. This Ultimate 12 is made to stand up in and is very stable. The very comfortable seat folds down and has a pad on back “Captains Perch” to sit on and raise you up level with top of kayak. Seat easily comes out and can be used on shore. Weighs 44lbs. without seat, 49lbs. with seat in. They also make a pedal drive model but that adds about 50lbs. and about $1,500 more.