Karma is such a savage b!tch!

I didn’t think I’d make a dent in your thinking. However, as someone in healthcare and who has studied biostatistics, I can tell you without doubt you have completely misinterpreted the numbers (no matter where they came from). Your conclusions from the numbers are plainly incorrect.

Let’s drop the discussion. It is evident that we’ll get nowhere in convincing you what the numbers really indicate.

Thousands of vaccinated people died. End of story no matter how convoluted you try to make it. I’m done.


Ten times more unvaccinated people died than vaccinated. Simple fact, undeniably vaccine saved lives, no other reason for such a huge difference. I’m done too.


Damn DHull…
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I took the moderna vaccine, 2 days later I was plugged up and in severe pain. It took a week to get an appointment at my local VA. When I got there I was told that I have acute pancreatitis and that I may never get back to normal. Most of the doctors say it had nothing to do with the vaccine. I’d like to know how I’ve gone through life healthy as a horse with zero health problems only to get this sick. The only thing that changed in my life is that I got the vaccine. My VA doctor wants me to get the second shot, I told him to shove it.


I have tested positive for the antibodies in four consecutive antibody tests. The only logical reason to force me to get a “vaccine” is so they can get some secret ingredient into my body. Well, that ain’t happenin’ long as I’m drawin’ breath! I will consider a forced vaccination to be assault with a deadly weapon and will respond accordingly…


Similar result here. I can’t remember the last time I was sick but the first Phizer shot gave me a bad reaction. No mas for me either.


@Rico1505, this is from our governments Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System. If you look up the data, you will see there have been more reported side effects from this vaccine than ALL other vaccines combined.
Edited to add that I have known 6 people to have had Covid 19. Of those 4 were fully vaccinated with a booster, 2 were not. My experience shows the vaccine isn’t effective as most people I know have NOT been vaccinated. Coincidence? Possibly, but not a very good first hand example of the vaccines effectiveness. Also note that this vaccine was developed for the Alpha variant. It is not really effective against the more prevalent Delta variant because the spike protein the vaccine targets changed. The only one tested against Delta was the J&J. Against Alpha all the vaccines are about 95% effective including the J&J. The reported numbers for J&J including Delta are 72%. Phizer and Moderna do not include any results when Delta is factored in.
I will add that I got the J&J jab back in April. I WILL NOT GET A BOOSTER. I have spent days researching this stuff and came to the conclusion that I’d rather take my chances with covid than with any further boosters. I AM NOT ANTI VAXXER. I am against the government forcing a vaccine experiment on me though. How I handle my health is my choice.


Vaccine mandates also violate federal laws.


@Ironbutt70, I think the government is learning they
can’t mandate vaccines so they have taken the route of forcing private businesses to do it by taking away any government contracts from companies that don’t follow their “guidelines”. Another perfect example why we should have never allowed government to get so large that companies depend on them for business.


Mike —

I scanned data in VAERS and found nothing that indicated adverse effects were higher in the Covid vaccines than all other vaccines. In fact, they are in line with other viral respiratory vaccines. You will have to provide (if possible) the source of your statement.

Secondly, the VAERS data comes from any source, not from medically confirmed sources. Anyone can submit a report. For that reason, the unverified numbers are unreliable and can’t be used to back up any claim as to safety (those numbers are not used as an indicator of safety by the CDC or FDA).

Last, you mention “side effects” which is different from adverse reactions. The most common side effects are: soreness at injection site; redness and mild swelling at injection side; and temporary tiredness. These are typical side effects of any vaccination and are quite common, presenting no medical concern. Serious adverse reactions are quite rare which is why it has been cleared for use, even in children.

If you can find information from a credible source backing up your statement, I’d love to read it. Otherwise, I feel this is more unsubstantiated misinformation.

Very true. But look up reported events for MMR, Tetnus, shingles, flu, or any other vaccine over a much longer history of use. The adverse events reported from them are a fraction of what we are seeing from the covid vaccine.
“Last you mention side effects”. Poor use of words on my part. That would be better said as “adverse events” since we are talking about Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System.
This is about 45 minutes long but worth watching. Take a look at who these people are at this roundtable. They aren’t your run of the mill DR’s. They ARE on the front lines of vaccine development and covid treatment.


Pretty well sums it up right there.


Mike —

Thanks for sending me the U-tube video that I did watch.

I look at data that is scientifically collected and peer reviewed. It is as close to objective as possible considering the data was collected by human beings, and further screened for inaccuracies. I have to consider that information when making treatment decisions and practicing within “standard of care".

What I saw on the video was a small number of doctors who gave opinions. Their opinions might be based on evidence, but it has not been screened for bias, and I am not at all sure of the scientific reliability of their sources.

We could have a similar video from “Flat Earth” advocates who have doctorates and provide information and opinion supporting their view. That is not science, and I doubt you’d buy into their beliefs.

There is a lot of misinformation out there supported by people with credible sounding backgrounds, but it would not hold up to real scientific scrutiny. I think that’s what we are looking at here.

We probably will disagree, but these panelists would not be able to defend their data, (certainly not their personal experience, because that is considered anecdotal evidence, and has never been accepted as scientific proof) before a panel of experts from the CDC, FDA, NIH, and American Medical Association. Their claims would be dismissed by experts. Basically, these panelists are outliers in the medical and scientific community.

I wish your data was from a credible scientific source, but I thank you for taking the time to show me where your information came from.

Good luck, stay safe, and let’s agree that guns, handled responsibly, make a great hobby.


Guess we can agree to disagree, that’s the beauty of living in an almost free society. If we can accept each persons views as such and not force one view onto another, we all learn. BUT, when one view is dictated over the other, all fail.
I will close with one final thought. Remember who funds the CDC, the NIH, etc. It is the federal government. They can push the results they want by controlling the purse strings. As for Dr. Fauci, what a joke. In the 80’s he was saying AIDS would kill a large percentage of the population. During the swine flu outbreak, much deadlier than covid, he did not recommend a lockdown. What changed? Could it be that the political powers in this country (and the world for that matter) saw it as a chance to establish more control over the population?
The fallout from the lockdowns and restrictions, as well as vaccine experimenting may well prove more costly to society than Covid ever could have especially now that we have effective, proven treatments.
I was taught to question everything. I always try to look at both sides of the coin before making a decision. Like I said in an earlier post, I did get the jab. I picked J&J because their method of developing a vaccine was proven, the others were still experimental with no successful track records. MRNA is promising technology, but still in it’s very early stages.
The more I studied, the more I regretted getting the vaccine. The risk vs reward just isn’t there with so many good treatments.
If you are pro covid vaccine, I thank you for being a willing test subject. Society will learn from this experiment one way or another and I truely hope it helps more than hurts. I have serious doubts now that more data is coming out though.


That’s what I did J&J, and how I felt later about it was the same as you…kind of regret it.

I picked April 1 to get it…:face_with_monocle:

I only had a slight pain in the jab area for about two hours…because I did a lot of driving right after it.

Not getting a booster.

My shots are daily:
“A glass of wine a day…keeps covid away” :wine_glass::sunglasses:


@MountainHunter, Got mine April 8th, about 3 days before they halted it’s use for a couple weeks. I had no reaction at all. The yearly flu shot makes my arm sorer than the covid shot did. My wife on the otherhand had a terrible reaction to it. About 3 hours after getting it she was curled up in a little ball with more stomach pain than I’ve ever seen anyone in. Sat up with her for 18 hours watching her vitals before she started coming out of it. That is what made me research the vaccine as much as I did.
My family has a cancer research doctor, oral and facial reconstruction surgeon, a pediatrician, a couple dentists and a close family friend is a cardiovascular surgeon. The pediatrician is all for vaccine, facial surgeon and dentists are against it. The cardiovascular surgeon was for it at first but has come full circle and is now against it as more data has come out. The cancer research Dr. has somewhat remained undecided but says it is being rushed for no reason. Also stated that MRNA vaccines have been studied for cancer treatment and there may be some promise for it, but no real success yet. In the future MRNA vaccines may prove successful but this is the biggest experiment on humans in human history. If someone wants to volunteer, fine, let them. It’s there choice. DO NOT FORCE IT ON ANYONE by limiting a persons access to things depending on their vaccination record.
If the vaccine is so good and protects people from the virus why give a s**t about the people who don’t get it? You’re protected if you got it right? Yea right!
Edited to add there is also a lead nurse, daughter -in-laws mother who works in the brain cancer section of MD Anderson. She is currently home in bed with Covid after getting the jab and 2 boosters.


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