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Karma is such a savage b!tch!

I wasn’t sure just where to post this…


"For those that get the 3rd shot for being led around as a sheep – whatever – I won’t cry at their funeral” Dr. TexasEskimo said in a November 2021 tweet.

Yep… Karma is a bitch.


Imagine a vaccine that works so well, but yet needs to be taken 3 times…


I have been married and divorced twice. Perhaps I should get married again then… a 3rd time. I mean honestly… what could go wrong?
And for those of you that never get married… I won’t cry at your funeral.


And then every 6 or 8 or 12 months thereafter.


How about a Pfizer patch that you can wear all day and then just throw away? Or for you kinkier folks… a Pfizer butt plug! :flushed:


A yellow star of pfizer


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The folks on Reddit weren’t as appreciative of my opinions. I wonder why. I think it was when announced an expectation of being banned for being scary with toxic adultness.


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Yep, karma is a bitch. Just read about Dr. Christopher Foley, a well known anti-masker and anti-vaxer who died after a 2 day illness from Covid-19. Dr. Foley vigorously spread misinformation in the Minn. area and nationally.

Unlike the Dr. who died in his sleep for undiagnosed reasons after receiving a vax booster injection, Dr. Foley’s cause of death is known for certain — Covid -19.

I’m sorry to say, but Dr. Foley’s misinformation not only caused an untold number of people to get Covid, but was responsible for his preventable death.


Is this considered “Karma”… or “Irony”?


How many vaccinated people have died from COVID? Here’s an interesting article. Clearly this vaccine does not work for everyone.
10,857 Fully Vaccinated Americans Have Died Of COVID-19; 30,000 Hospitalized.
As for masks I’ll go with my retired Navy doctor friend whose last duty station was chief of infectious diseases at Bethesda Naval hospital. Nothing less than an N95 surgical mask will protect you from a virus. Cloth and paper masks worn by most are 99% useless.


This. Been telling folks this from the beginning. N95 or KN95 minimum, one is enough, no need to double up.

Fauci lied to the public so as to lock down the N95 supply for the health care systems (money making corporations, not government agencies, who should have been prepared) before people panicked and started hunting for masks. If you could find N95 masks 18 months ago, they would have cost you, but it was more likely you just couldn’t get them.


This is the shortest article I could find (I could put you to sleep with the long scientific ones) that explains why your interpretation of the numbers does not mean the vaccine is ineffective:


  • The statistic applies only to England, not all of the U.K.

  • A high percentage of COVID-19 deaths in England occurred among fully vaccinated people largely because high percentages of Englanders are vaccinated, especially older people who are more likely to die from illness.

  • The unvaccinated are still much more likely to die from COVID-19: The COVID-19 death rate — the number of deaths per 100,000 people — is much higher among unvaccinated people than vaccinated people”

This article uses English data, but the same facts hold true in the U.S.

Most Covid deaths in vaccinated people are in higher age groups.
Your numbers don’t indicate that, but death rate statistics indicate that fact conclusively. Whether vaccinated or not, older people die more frequently, they also have more serious health problems when they were vaccinated (Gen. Colin Powell is a perfect example). These numbers, alone, do not prove the vaccine is ineffective.

No vaccine or medicine is 100% effective. This is a known fact in medicine. That fact is not evidence of vaccine failure.

Numbers, alone, don’t reveal the facts. The number of vaccinated deaths mean nothing if not compared to the number of unvaccinated deaths in the same age group, same location, and same time frame. When you do that, you find that 10 times the number of unvaccinated people die of Covid than vaccinated. Your numbers are “cherry picked” to suggest a fact that is not true.

Finally, with all due respect to your friend, the retired Navy doc., one person’s opinion contrasted with many scientific studies worldwide which show the effectiveness of masks (yes, KN-95 and N-95 are best, cloth bandanas are worse). Any mask offers a reduction in virus spread. I’m sure your friend wore a mask when he performed open wound procedures (there was a reason he did, it blocks virus and bacterial transmission).

Sorry, this was so long. If you read the whole thing, congratulations! Probably won’t change your mind, but remember, there is a lot of bad information going around that badly distort the truth.

Those are not my “numbers”. They are statistics and you’re free to interpret them any way that you’d like. 10k plus fully vaccinated people died. Countless others had serious side effects which also caused deaths. Tell the family members of people who died the vaccine is effective. Statistics don’t lie.



Bet you have all the Kool Aide stands marked on your map. Sorry Pal, but I’ll still not take that vaccine until the experiment is over. I’m one of the thousands of GI’s that got the bad batch of Anthrax vaccine back in the 90’s. I’ve had the Kung FU Flue. Both versions. I’m 70+ years old . Got through it. I have a close friend that is a retired research immunologist/ Dr., and will not take the vaccine. I think I’ll be selfish and wait. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


You folks might like more of this artists videos, Five Times August…
He’s got a great one on Biden…
I think the best Vaccine for Covid-19 is Tito’s Vodka…


My father went from a very active 80 year old to not being able to get out of bed the next day. He died of congestive heart failure 2 months later. This shot killed my father and took him away from us earlier than it should of been. Dont tell me these vaccines are safe when they were rushed to market and manufacturers were given complete immunity. Because of money and cover up by all the governments with social media’s help killed many Americans and people world wide. Why are 50% of vaccinated getting the China virus anyways??? These shots are junk!