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Kahr PM9 - Happy with Striker Guide and spring kit. Would love to see a grip weight as well

The MCARBO Kahr PM9 striker guide and springs were super easy to install. They functioned as promised.

Another idea would be to design a stainless grip weight. I found that when I tape on some extra weight to the handle, it increases accuracy. Small guns tend to dip more due to being top heavy. The kahr already has an empty spot in the frame handle that would receive a universal, machined/cast piece. Plus, no other manufacturer is making this accessory yet for the Kahr.

do you have a picture of said hole?dimensions? Knives, cause i tend to like em about a ounce heavy to the butt or so, I add the stick on lead wheel weights under the scale…


@GOBLIN welcome back buck hope alls well with you

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aside of Kona conspiring against me on likes :smiling_imp:, doing better. How many you got far as deer while i been down?