Just when I think I'm done

After saying “this is all I need, I’m not getting anything else”, for the forth time PCC’s started to peak my interest after watching some Jerry Miculek videos. Just trying to figure if I want to use a caliber I already have (9mm) or go the 40/45 route. Decisions, decisions…


Easy choice. Do you want light weight screamers (9mm), slow thumpers (.45), or the flexibility to go med-heavy but pretty fast, mid weight going very fast, or lightweight screamers that are still bigger and heavier than 9mm?

.40 s&w all the way.


Why not 10mm?


Same as .45. Hits HARD, but slower and lower capacity.


Just get all three, plus a lever gun in 38/357. Easy peasy. You’re welcome.


My flat favorite is my Marlin 1894 in 38/357. Betting you’re thinking autoloader though.

So for cheap fun - 9mm wins. Can be difficult to keep subsonic from a carbine barrel if quiet is a thing for you.

If you wanna hunt or otherwise put it to work: 460 Rowland (45ACP runs for quiet and/or budget fun and 460 Rowland hits plenty hard) or 10mm (40 runs for cheapish fun and 10mm hits hard).

What I really think I want (have those listed already) is a 454 Casul Revolver/Levergun partnership 'cause it hits HARD.

I have these in 10mm and 460 Rowland:

I also had a HiPoint 1095 in a Hightower Armory Bullpup Stock. Definitely fun, but I’ll revisit HiPoint when they improve mag options and start using an actual ejector instead of repurposing the firing pin.

Or build an AR in the funky pistol caliber of your choosing.


Wow, you guys made it so much easier,
Might go see what’s available at the LGS tomorrow if I can get the day rolling early


Two problems i perceive with 10mm are: 1) ammo makers, i think, use the same projectiles for .40 and 10mm. 2) too many 10mm rounds are still dumbed down to .40 s&w speeds. 3) when they arent dumbed down 10mm can be 200fps faster, and a hollow point designed to expand out of a .40 is going to overexpand out of a 10mm. Conversely one designed for 10mm wont work as well out of a .40 ( from tests ive seen, premium hollowpointa like Underwood and Buffalo Bore appear to make this mistake).

I think 10mm is a great choice if youre looking to shoot heavy ball ammo at a big meanie. I dont think many 10mm hollow points are going to be great out of a carbine at short distances though. The better ones will just be too fast to work as designed. Theyll either fall apart or just flatten out like an ashtray and wont penetrate. Again id get one, but would be looking for some really heavy hollow points that might have delayed expansion unless it was just a plinker or bear defense gun. I dont know how heavy one can go with 10mm.


Wait for Seismic ammo. They are making what they call +M rounds. +M = more mass. They are already doing 185gr 9mm and 2.5oz shotty slugs.


Interesting. I dont like their motto…heavier doesn’t hit harder. In every caliber im aware of the lighter you go the harder you can make it hit in terms of energy. They should be honest and emphasize that heavier penetrates more with less speed required.

I Cant wait to see what they produce for .40 s&w.

Im also curious hust how slow a 185 grain round is going to crawl out of a 9mm.


Their FAQs state between 900-1000 fps.

Here’s a review from The Truth About Guns…


As @TexasEskimo is on hiatus and his gun brick is unavailable, my gun rock is, and works exactly the same. You’re free to use it any time.


This is more of a problem from boy racer hand loaders. Lots of folks overdriving bullet design specs to achieve mathematical wins that are useless w/o a chrono. Heck, I was this hand loader when I started on 10mm. In my experience, factory loads drive the projectiles within their effective velocity range. The weak sauce stuff is mostly 'cause they are driving 40 projectiles.

I’d hunt Fed Trophy bonded long before any hollow point. But, I’ma be loading for these soon:

These can handle anything a pistol cartridge can muster. FWIW … saw recently that Lehigh Defense was bought out by Wilson Combat.


That review has me. I dont own anything in 9mm so ill have to wait and hope. I would think that, if they can do that with a 9mm, they ought to be able to get similar speeds and results out of about a 230 or 240 grain in 40 s&w. Thats assuming they want to. Like i said ill wait and hope. Id definitely try them.

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Love it when the State dictates what you’re going to buy - Was looking at a PSA 10.5 at under $600, but because it’s manufactured as a pistol and not an “other firearm” it’s not legal in the communist republic of NJ. My only options for a quality SBR/PCC is looking like either a Troy A4 10.5" 9mm for $1375 or a Dark Storm Industries 9mm for $1K. Sucks because if I was able to, I could have gotten both the PSA & a WASR-M for less than the Troy.

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Speak of the devil… :smiling_imp:
After reading all the good stuff about this type of bullet a few weeks ago, I orderd up several boxes of Underwood:

This round offers:
A permanent wound cavity (PWC)that is 2 times greater than any expanding bullet
Reduced recoil
Radial flutes that force the hydraulic energy inward to build pressure
Minimal surface area to increase the force at the point of contact and sharp cutting edges that defeat barriers



I knows I gots a bunch! Have some of their 7.62 controlled chaos, .300 maximum expansion and .40 subsonics.

They also to the extreme series in .458 blackout :+1:t2:


Sub 2000 several Glock 9mm lots of ammo. Simpler is better. I’ve spent a lot of time effort and resources chasing rabbits.


I have the S2K (OF COURSE!) in 9MM because I already had 92 mags and 226 mags (both of which came to me through a friend’s estate). I then got two “large” Mec-Gar 226 mags - I carry the pair of S2K/226 in the trunk in a non-descript canvas messenger bag with several large pockets.

And yes - prior to all of that (and sometimes still) my best is my .357/.38 Marlin. I can work it without thinking and hit stuff all day long. A Marble ‘buckhorn’ rear sight gives me a (nearly) peep type configuration - the front sight just centers in the sort-of circle by the rear. The added benefit of the buckhorn is, it has a notch in the bottom, and the tips come together near the top, that gives you three aiming points without having to change anything.

I know, no magazine quick load, but for me it just hits without thinking about it. Plus no talk of can I own a rifle with a removable mag, or does it have a military caliber - even was never an American military rifle. All of those things have been proposed as laws, so…


It’s okay brother @ColoradoRick, we’re with ya, we like lever guns here. A lot. :crazy_face: