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Took my Sub 2k to the range for the first time since installing the rear tactical folding sights, all in one pro performance trigger job bundle, recoil buffer, recoilless charging handle from Mcarbo and the sub 2000 heavy weight bolt from Kel Tec. Many will say that it’s kinda wimpy to tame the recoil like that but I’m looking at my wife and daughters being able to handle this weapon if needs be, and I’ve got plenty of untamed firearms to satisfy my need for heavy recoil. I’ve got to say the difference in felt recoil was incredible and the trigger pull was sweet. I highly recommend all of these products and thank you Mcarbo and the Brotherhood for all of the great products and good advice. Stay safe.


I’m a large guy and I didn’t like the recoil of the S2K at all. Extremely sharp for such a small caliber. After doing the Mcarbo upgrades it is much better. Haven’t put the heavy wait bolt it yet. How much of a difference does that make?


Feels like shooting my dpms 5.56 with .223’s in it if that helps. My wife and daughter could easily handle it.

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P.S. I’m a bit on the stout side myself…

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I have the S2K in .40 and I have the Heavy Weight Bolt along with Recoiless Charging Handle, Bolt Buffer, Muzzle Brake and ATI Butt Stock Pad. I think it’s more a combination of all these things working together to help reduce felt recoil as it is any one item working better than another. Adding the Heavy Weight Bolt can only help with your felt recoil. This is just my opinion, hope it helps.



Mark, back in ‘my day,’ I always thought more horsepower with cars, the better and also with guns, the bigger the caliber, the more bang… Well, being older and hopefully somewhat wiser, I believe in making the most out of tomorrow. Being on borrowed time one has to make every day count. If that means a little less bang to save a possible injury to a shoulder, so be it? I am sure that your wife and daughter will also appreciate it as well… It is a blessing to share your love of firearms with your family! It is all about safe and enjoyable shooting, my friend!


Thank you brother and yes it is a blessing. Stay safe.

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I agree, at less than 5 pounds out of fhe box the felt recoil is sharper due to the firearm being so lightweight, and that the buttstock could have been a little wider to better spread the force over your shoulder.

I think Mcarbo mods makes this gun enjoyable to shoot and makes it a viable all day shooter for my wife and kids when they want to shoot more than a 22 pistol or rifle.


FYI: just wanted to share this site for the Glock 17/19 Sub2000 shooters out there that are looking for happy sticks, best price I’ve been able to find. I ordered 2 and will post again later once I have in my possession and have used them.


I don’t think reducing felt recoil is wimpy thing I think it’s smart. I want all of my guns to be comfortable and easy as possible to put follow up shots on target


Optic sale

Anybody in the market for a SIG SAUER ROMEO5 1X20MM RED DOT SIGHT, BLACK - R52001

Palmetto State Armory got 'em on sale right now fer 119.99 w/free shipping!


I’ve seen these a few bucks cheaper occasionally on fleabay but… I’m still tryin’ to decide whether to go with this or a Vortex-wish I had more time to research and compare but I got a lot of other crap goin’ on right now. Just happened to see this and thought I’d pass it on


Also just found a sale on a couple BSA red dots, one panoramic, and a 3-16X44 scope but…

ya gotta hurry-it all changes in a couple hours

Have bought a considerable amount of stuff here but best to read it all before jumping in!

They have a deal whereas you can purchase something with a flat fee but they will hold off having it sent for a few days in case they run something else you can’t live without for a $1.99 shipping per item-no limit

Items change after midnight every day


edit to correct shipping costs

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Great price! If I were ‘still’ deciding for my custom 10/22, it would be sitting on my picatinny rail as we ‘write…’ Lol

There are just too many decisions and not enough money in the world these days??? :thinking:


Bought one of those for about that price around 6 months ago. Mounted it on my Century C39V2 Zukhov AK. I backed it up with a Sig Juliet 4X magnifier with quick detach/flip over mount. Really like them both and the options they provide. When I first sighted in the Romeo 5, I started at 25 yds just to get it dialed into the bullseye. Once I dialed it in I shot a 3 shot group, looked like a clover leaf in the X-ring. For “working” purposes it will be set for 50 yds.


This has been “one of those days” when I should have just stayed in bed…

I purchased one of the Sig Romeo5 I posted about above and it arrived today… …now guess what does not power up? Not with the battery that came with it nor either of the two new ones that I had on hand. Jeez! So I call up PSA and wait, and then I wait and then I wait some more! I was on hold for over 18 minutes waiting for customer service! Only to be told they will NOT handle any optics returns-I must deal directly with Sig… …GRRRR!!!

Oh well, PSA-you had your chance! I’ve spent over $1800 there over the past few years but not One. More. Penny. will they ever get of mine!


@SnuffySmiff the romeo 1 is very dependent on the battery cover tightness, check this video out, around the 6:53 mark. if its to loose, it will flicker with recoil or will not light…
and not being a smart ass, but check your batt orentation as well. ive put em in ass-backards many times. damn lil wafer thangs…


Battery(s) have been swapped every which way but no joy to be had. Guess that’s why so many ‘refurbs’ are now on fleabay? Should have spent more coin for the Vortex-never had a prob with any of their stuff. Live and learn, I guess…

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call sig. dealings ive had with em always been positive. if its nothing simple to fix, they send you a replacement unit. usually the next generation up. Personally, I like the burris fastfire. longer batt life, more compack package…



I swear, I’m beginning to think we might share some sort of psychic connection-I went digging thru some stuff earlier this evening to see if it was all still there and guess what I found? A Burris Fast Fire that I’ve had for a couple years and never used! And get this-it still works!