M*CARBO Brotherhood

Just Right Carbine, anyone?

I know there are some threads from last year where Just Right Carbines were mentioned, but I never got the feeling anyone here actually had one or ended up buying one at the time. So I guess my question is, do any of the Brothers (or Sisters) have one of these and, if so, which model and what do you think of it? Inquiring minds want to know… :grinning:

If you don’t own one but you’ve shot one, I’d be interested in hearing about those experiences as well.


Funny you should bring this up.
I looked at one at a gun show back in January this year.
It appeared well built and felt nicely balanced.
I have an interest in their take down 9mm pistol with the carry bag and Glock mag well.


Seems like they had some issues early on, some with the 9mm but more so with the .45 auto…say 6-8 years ago. Most of the more recent posts and video reviews I’ve found would seem to give them positive marks. I believe they’re now on a 3rd generation design and the older guns can be retrofitted with the latest revisions.

I, like you, am interested in the takedown models and I really like the idea of having both 9mm and .45 auto. The though of having a PCC in .45 auto gives me a chubber. :grinning: The caliber kits run around $200 and include the barrel, bolt, corresponding glock (or M&P, I think) mag well, magazine and other necessary accoutrements to do the swap.

One gripe was tearing the thing down for cleaning, apparently they’ve now add a quick release mechanism to the receiver extension to easily remove it for cleaning. I figured with that and the takedown barrel, cleaning would be fairly easy, requiring only the removal of the charging handle (much like the Ruger) to get the bolt out the back.


That’s some good information. I didn’t consider having the additional caliber capability, that would be a useful option.
Running a .45 suppressed is nice as the Ammo is all subsonic. Nice big, slow bullets. :boom:
I’m going to have to look a little closer at this gun and with the improvements you highlighted, makes it an attractive consideration.