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Just Released: Kel Tec Mag-Catch For P320

Like the other mag-catches, it’s going for a solid $12.50. Better late than never, right?


Cool. 320 are a popular model. Thought about getting one, myself. Probably will at some point. And this mag catch.


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I have a P320 Compact that I purchased mid 2018, so I bought this catch and received it yesterday. I purchased my new Gen 2 Sub2000 in early August, manufactured around June 2018 as I recall.

This catch does not hold the 15 round mag that came with the P320 when I bought it (or any of the others I have for for the P320 now).

Perhaps it only works for full size P320s or 17 round mags? Or perhaps the MCARBO mag release button (installed and working fine til now with M&P mags) is affecting it somehow? I can slide the 15 round mags freely up and down with no ‘lock’ ever taking place. Just to make sure it wasn’t being affected by the mag plates (which don’t exactly fit flush), I took the mag plate, spring, and everything out, so was just sliding the empty mag shell in and out. Still never a single ‘catch’.

I’ll be putting in a ticket with Kel-Tec after editing down some videos showing this.

If anyone finds that it the new catch does work for them, I’d be interested in hearing approx manuf. dates for P320 and S2000, the mag size and if the P320 is a compact or not. Also interested in other ‘fails’ of course.


The p320 catch works in the latest Multimag Sub 2000 which is identified by the plastic, twist lock collar nut. The mag tube was enlarged to accommodate the Sig 320 mags. So if you have the metal collar nut … You will also need the new grip halves and collar nut to run the 320 mags.

So, I’ll be interested to see how Kel Tec handles your dilemna. Their listing for the mag catch is anything but clear on this point. Hopefully they just swap out your grip halves.


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Thank you, Dred and Hunter.


I bought the gen 2 beretta version wish I had known they were coming out with a 320 version! I have a 320c with the 15 round mags but also have a 17 and 21 round mags. I live in New Hampshire so sig mags are way easier to find!

Just ordered this catch. So I can shoot my 21 round mags in it.
And will be trying these 30 round ETS mags out pretty soon.


So … that cost me $50.

I hadn’t realized ETS was making mags for folks that don’t shoot Glocks. Oedered a 30 rounder for my Sub with M&P catch and a 12 rounder for my lady’s shield.

And, I still believe this post to be accurate. Non issue if you have the plastic collar:


Mine has the new plastic collar. Should not have any issues.

You guys turned me on to the ETS mags and cost me money.
I’m just returning the favor. HeHeHe