Just got a GX4 Taurus & need help on trigger pull

Just got a new GX 4
9mm Tarus trigger pull is 6.5 lb. pull need to lightenit up.


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How to reduce trigger pull on a GX4 Tarus pistol now 6.5 lbs.

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Seems no one likes the trigger, but this guy is the only one trying to reassure everyone…
From Reddit:

“The Taurus GX4 trigger gets better with time

When I first got the gun, the trigger was weighing in at 7.5 lbs. After a ton of dry fire it was down to 6.5lbs. After even more dry fire and a couple of range trips (about 200 rounds) it’s now down to 4lbs 9oz.

If you’ve watched or read reviews that mention how heavy the trigger is, just know that it gets much better the more broken-in the gun is.

I honestly might like this gun better than my P365. Which is crazy to me, but it’s just such a cheerful little gun.”

How many rounds you got through her? Most I can say is just keep perforating paper and you should be good. Most have seemed to give up and throw in towel. BREAK THE CYCYLE and prove ‘em wrong!!

Thanks Looks Like evryone has problems. I can work on Glock, Smith Wession I cannot figure how to get into the gum. I even was think about sending to my Glock Guy. If Taurus don’t get this fixed it is going to hurt them big time. I realy like the gum but the trigger is terable.Might as Well care a stick with a sharp point.

Here is the only breakdown of the frame I have seen.
GX4 , Breakdown Exposed , | Taurus Firearm Forum
There are no real upgrades for the trigger, but I’d say tear her down fully and clean and polish the pi$$ out of the sear and trigger assembly. There are a few vids shows the slide stripped down and there is polishing on the faces that can be done there.
Not much, but may shave a bit off the pull.

Thanks for your info. I like the Taurus G4 but i have to get it fixed. to much to pull. With trigger like the one i have a bad Guy has a chase to take it from you HI.

will Taurus help if you push them for help.is there any gun smith that has success working on the G4X

@deehorn , @Thatoneguy. I bought my GX4 a couple months as a replacement for the canik tp9 elite combat I was always carrying. It was in the same boat around a 6.5lb trigger pull average but I have gotten it down to high 3’s low 4’s and it’ll only get better as time goes by. I wouldnt really say the work I did is for the average gun owner but if you guys wants pics or a walkthrough just shoot me an email, Anthony.doubletap@gmail.com

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