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Just did the all inclusive internal SUB2K upgrade

I bought the all in one pro performance trigger job bundle and did the install last night. I must say the video provided on the MCarbo site was outstanding. I could not have done it so easily without that. I have the .40 cal Glock 22 Sub2000 that must be Gen 0. I definitely had some differences from what the video showed and talked about, but nothing that stopped the install. I have a very original version, and the extended mag release was a little sticky. I did a little sanding on the release and it works fine. My stock collar was just threaded on, unlike what was showed in the video. I broke it free with a padded channel lock and it just unscrewed by hand after that. I also saw that the stock to receiver engagement cuts and protrusions are very different from the video. No issue but an observation. With the new trigger guard it is much harder to unlatch to fold or snap it into place to extend, but with a little bit more effort it does snap into place. I don’t really mind that. Much to my relief when I got it back together is appears to work. I have to actually fire it yet, but dummy bullets feed and eject without issue. Now I wish I had bought a new rear sight (did the front sight many years ago). All in all I am pleased with the results. Again, I can’t praise the video enough. Thanks MCarbo.


Well done Dan ! Welcome to the brotherhood, and i totally agree, the videos are superb !


Hi Dan and welcome!
They do put together really good instructional videos, I have used them several times.


@DieselDan Welcome aboard and congratulations with your upgrade installations. Just in time for our
September's William Tell Match


@DieselDan Welcome to the Hood! And Nice Work/Comments on your Install’ Enjoy the New Trigger Bundle as We all Have and Are Just Pleased as Punch’ at the End Results.

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