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I’ve always been into reloading. Have been since the early 90’s. If you keep your spent brass and/or scrounge it at the range, it’s cheap too.

Anyway, here’s my gripe. I decided I would buy Lee die sets in 9mm Luger and .223 Remington for my Lee single stage reloader along with the Quick Trims, case length gage & holder, etc. I was able to source the .223 Rem pretty quick - bought the three-die set that comes with data sheet, powder dipper and universal shell holder.

But 9mm? Fuhgeddabouttit! How the hell am I going to keep my Foldie Gun well-fed? (my Sub2000 in 9mm Glock version - my wife calls it my Foldie Gun)

So I put myself on InStock Notification with the “Big Six” - Brownells, Midway USA, MidSouth, Precision, Reloading Everything and Natchez.

This morning I got the alert from Midway USA for the 9mm Lee Pro three-die set so I stopped getting ready for work and grabbed it for $45. But once I got into work and looked at the die set more closely I realized the set doesnt come with a powder dipper nor a universal shell holder! Yet the standard three die set has all this crap and is ten bucks cheaper! WTF, right?

So I had to scramble and found an in-stock #19 Shellholder over at MidSouth so I added the Lyman 50th edition softcover reloading book to the order while I was at it, to my replace my ancient beat-up, dogeared, beercan waterstained 45th edition. I already have a full set of Lee Powder Dippers so I was covered there.

I’m not yelling at Midway USA. It’s Lee I’m pissed at.

BTW, of the Big Six, I gotta say that Midway USA seems to be the one whose sending me the most In-Stock Alerts. Other than maybe MidSouth, they are getting replenished far more often than the other four. As a result, Midway has gotten 5 of my last 8 online orders for reloading crap.

Thanks for letting me blow off steam.


Midway is absolutely awesome in these crazy times. When the claim it’s in stock, it’s in stock. AND, when you pay, they ship. These are the little details that matter!


Yep midway has been awesome. Even the back ordered stuff shipped quickly. Can’t say the same for a bunch of others.


Midway has been great except for those elusive primers. Been on their notification list for every brand small pistol and small rifle primers they sell. Still no luck.


Natchez has pulled through with a press and on sale w/free shipping, that was a score. Midsouth has has constant 2-3 day restocks of powder lately. Midway seems to get big restock shipments per month. All according to the emails I get.

Midway has had the most in stock, shipping is standard syrup slowness. Natchez is frozen molasses slow shipping, brownells is semi crystilised honey slow. We will see with midsouth as I just ordered some powder from them. When midsouth gets it in stock it lasts for about 15 mins. Got to be quicker then that lol. I missed some cfe 223 boo.

Ok here is my gripe, 2 weeks ago I bought 200 small pistol mag primers, today I bought 700 small pistol mag primers. Those 200 have the exact same lot code as the 700 I bought today! I find that really fishy, specially due to the current demand. This was at turners. Me thinks they have lots of stock in the back they are holding onto driving up prices. Currently I’m on good standing with the door clerk and manager, I don’t know if it would be a good idea to call them out on it? Hate to burn my bridge. Though the bridges I burn do light my way! LOL.


im done with Optics planet. 2$ a round for Federals? I picked up 20 RIPs for 1.40 a round local a week ago. this is gouging.and its not even in stock. or so it would seem.
so im doing a cheap lil test. I back ordered one box. in 30 days, im going to backorder a second. see if they come in with the same lot number.



Ordered my Optic in January. Ordered custom stock from Boyds a week later. Stock delivered. 4 days later (Monday) ordered same scope from an Ebay seller that is an Auhorized Hawke Dealer for $30 more than OP. Got Ebay tracking and confirmation UPS has the scope for me on Tuesday. Without Winter Storm Uri, the scope would have been in my hands yesterday.

It is Friday … Optics Planet still shows my order as processing. That’s 5 days and it is neither cancelled or shipped. If they’d shipped it Tuesday or Wednesday, I would have kept the scope. At this point it will go right back if they bother shipping it to me. Yes, I have another rifle picked out for scope #2 but they dun gone and pissed me off.

OP has some seriously trifling business practices. “VIP” pricing and wildly optimistic while often overstated inventory positions do NOT make me happy. Fair pricing, honest and accurate inventory/availability reporting, and efficient shipping operations COULD impress me. I ordered at least 12 times in 2020 but only completed 8 transactions. 66% truth rate is UNACCEPTABLE.


Did you the “discontinued” notice for CCI SP ASP, CCI SR ASP and SR Bench Rest primers?

And my bi+ch. Waited for months for some projectiles to come back into stock, quickly bought the allotted 2 boxes. Shipped via a joint effort of UPS/USPS and arrived, exactly short 1 half my order. And of course they’re out of stock/no back order.


Just spent the last couple of hours hitting that notification of back in stock. My complaint is, when I hit the notify me button don’t ask if I want to confirm! If I didn’t I would have NOT hit the damn button in the first place. One web site left. But need to hit the sack as death…er taxes are tomorrow :angry::angry:


Here’s my latest bitch. I thought I had ordered the Lee #19 Universal Shellholder and Lyman 50th Aedition reloading handbook. But I think before I placed the order, dinner was ready and I forgot to place it. D’oh! Mad at myself.

And now everyone and I mean everyone is out of stock for the R19. I can get it for $10 gouge-pricing at Scamazon but I H8 them.

Here’s my question - will another manufacturer’s universal shell holder fit my Lee Challenger single-stage reloading press? If so, what brand and model? I’ll happily use another mfgr’s shellholder as Lee should include that and a powder dipper with their so-called deluxe 3-die set.


Dred - thanks for the heads-up. I’ll avoid the OP based on your info. I already have enough agg in my life and don’t need to add to it with a shitty service company.


Not sure what you mean by universal, but in my experience all shell holders interchange.
Get a powder measure if you Re serious about reloading, and a powder scale.


So I reckon you’re saying that Lee shellholders will work on Hornady, RCBS, Dillon presses, etc? And vice-versa?

BTW, I ahve the Lee Challenger singl-stage press. It comes with the powder scale and powder measure. I also bought a set of powder dippers too.

As for the AP Auto-Prime shellholders, I bought the set. I should have bought a set of the Universal Shellholders while I was at it. D’oh!

What Lee Precision calls the Universal Shellholder, that’s the whosiewhatzer that goes into the press and is used for holding the base of the brass case while it’s getting decapped/ deprimered and the bullet seated yada yada.

The Auto-Prime shellholders solely go into the AutoPrime holder thats used to prime your prepped cases. They don’t have the extension of the bottom that slots into the press itself.


I buy a lot from Midway and shipping is crazy fast…ALWAYS. Yesterday I placed an order around 2:30 PM and had a shipping notice and tracking # by 5 PM. UPS says it will be here tomorrow. Most places wouldn’t even ship it by then!


@Burt . I have purchased a rifle,ammo etc etc a couple of dozen times from Midway in the last few months. Every time it ships same day or 1 day later and arrives in 2-3 days.I got an instock notice for 45 colt ammo at noon today,I ordered from my phone and it has already shipped.


as far as sourcing a universal shellholder in 9mm Luger for my reloading press, it looks like these are the only options, ALL OUT OF STOCK in no less than 12 different sources online
*Lee #19
*RCBS #16
*Hornady #8
*Lyman #12
*Redding #13


Didn’t know Dillon made a single stage, but generally they fit single stage presses and hand held primer seaters. May be some incompatibilities, who knows.


If you are hurting I’ll se if I have an extra. Have several duplicates but as you can see although they are all 9mm everyone uses a different number so only way to check is to try them after they all get dumped in the same box. I also noticed the lee primer shell holder has the bottom cut off.


Amazon has one , lee #19, 10.00
or the whole set for 22.00 to 39.00 (different sellers)


@A-Argh15 here is one you can back order, don’t know how long it will take, also there is eBay, but they are 10x the cost. Bite the bullet and get it through Amazon, or hit that notification button on every site. Even manufactures sites. I got lucky with a small base 6.5 creedmoor rcbs die set for 54 bucks, from rcbs.

I’ve noticed the rcbs shell holders are nicer then Lee’s, but reddings are even better (ez load shell holders) but take what you can get.

Edit, if I find one I’ll grab it for ya, I will not gouge the price :wink:


For my complaint, shipping, my god is it slower then sniffin bidens thought process.