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Just bought my first gun in a long time.....Ruger PC Charger

Might have something to do with the fact that the origins of the new PC Carbine lie in a gun called the PC-9 Pistol Caliber Carbine, geared towards police use back in the 90s, coupled with the takedown feature of some 10/22s.


I think it originated with Colt and their pistol caliber AR type carbines chambered in pistol calibers.
The Ruger Charger is a pistol in 9mm or .22LR so I guess Ruger needed a distinction between the two.
But I’m just a bus driver so what do I know?


Thanks for all the information brother! Sadly and quite obviously I have been remiss in keeping up with all the latest rules and regulations.


Bahaaaahaa! We used to make those and I’m now embarrassed to admit that we would get on the roof of a high rise where my buddy worked as a maintenance tech and shoot taters at the bums asleep on park benches in a park across the street. It was hilarious at the time. I’m now glad we never seriously injured one of the poor winos.


Which is possible, tater guns can mess you up, no joke. The assistant DA for the city I grew up near almost took half his face off with a potato gun. He was screwing around with one at a family get together over a holiday weekend and ended up in the local ER with very serious damage to his head, it could have killed him.

Given the caliber of the typical potato gun (clearly over .50 cal), I wonder if Sheila Jackson Lee will be looking to enact a licensing scheme or ban on them as well… :smirk:

While we’re on the subject of true AOW’s and speaking of younger days, when I was in college, one of my housemates showed up after being home for the weekend with a large slingshot designed for use with water balloons. Needless to say things got out of hand, as they typically did with 15 unsupervised guys in a house, and someone fired a balloon off with a rather high trajectory, ended up taking the legs out from under an old bum over 1.5 blocks away. Guy never knew what hit him.


Oh hell, poor old bum, lol. They were never in any danger of having their faces blown off as they were across the street and we were 8-10 stories up. We never hit anyone but it wasn’t for lack of trying. It would tickle us to no end to have one land near them and have them scratching their heads as to what just happened.

That said, if we ever had hit one of them it would have had to have hurt so I’m glad we didn’t and I’m also glad to report that we’ve all grown up a lot since then, lol.


Like any firearm. It’s about mass and velocity…plus other sciency stuff.

For urban bum plinking, I prefer a much smaller caliber. I always load spec taters.



It’s all about how it looks. :laughing:

I seriously need to own a YEET CANNON

Highpoint YC-9 G1


6/15 Update: Went to the range with just gun fresh out of the box with a low end red dot I had. The modded magazines worked well for the most part but I need the “clean up” the slots I cut to make them load and work smoother. (watched the video on YouTube on how to make M&P magazines work in PC Charger) Went through about 240 rounds and it was pretty damn accurate and will no doubt be much more accurate when the brace is installed.

Got the SB tactical folding brace, BCM grip, RomeoX, & carrying case all delivered within the last two days. Installing Wednesday, my next day off. I went with the polymer brace because it is lighter and less than half the price.


All installed and the magazine reworked and everything is good in the world. :slight_smile:

I do need to get a different case to carry it in, I like the one I bought but I would need to break it down to carry in that and not sure I want to have it broken down to move. No worries I like this sling bag and will use it for something else but now in the market to find a nice option to carry this weapon assembled while still remaining stealth mode.


@BiteYaHard Brian you forgot to hit the shutter button on your camera. Please try again.


@TexasEskimo lol Brian, great name! Anyway, yes I will be posting pix tomorrow. I may run another 200 or so rounds through it first. :stuck_out_tongue:

Still hunting down a carry case/bag for it. I went with a laptop case for my Sub2k so I wanted to use something different for this one. I’m all for discreet and functional over style.


Since MCARBO took all my money… I just store everything in my Glock bag…


@TexasEskimo I have everything modded and installed except for the muzzle break. I will post pix ASAP. :slight_smile: