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Just bought my first gun in a long time.....Ruger PC Charger

I have been watching and waiting for the prices to come back down but I just got one online for significantly less than the original retail of $799. Have not received it yet but I’m very excited to be getting a new toy, it should delivered mid week. I have been looking for posts about who here has one and what the mods and accessories the Brotherhood has installed. Feel free to give me your 2 cents here if you love or hate yours and what you would recommend doing with it. :slight_smile:


Great gun, I’ve had mine for a while now.
Best upgrades: Volquartsen trigger and A3 Tactical folding brace.
I run Glock mags exclusively so I can’t comment on the Ruger magazine operation.
The gun is built like a tank so it should last forever.
I think you’ll enjoy the little guy.:us:


The juvenile part of my brain is having a really hard time letting this one slide… :smirk:

@BiteYaHard congrats on the new shooter, these seem to be quite popular and look like a lot of fun to shoot. While I can’t speak specifically to the Charger, I’ve got a well used essentially stock PC Carbine still running without a hitch after 2500+ rounds. It’s still one of my favorites in the gun locker.


Stop it……….stop it………:face_with_monocle:


Low hanging fruit, it’s just too easy. :grinning:


Congrats on both your first firearm purchase in a long time and your new PC Charger! I’ve had mine since early last year. Bought my mine for home defence and truck gun. Many like myself had significant trouble with FTF and FTE (stovepipe and feedramp jams). I installed the M-CARBO PC Carbine recoil kit with extractor, PLUS replaced the built-in ejector clip in the magwell adaptor (Brownells) it’s run flawless eversince. I also installed a victory trigger and BUIS (Attached small barrel mount 1913 rail for front sight). Cowitnessed Halosun 510c red dot.


I saw a video where M&P magazines were modified to run in this gun, I hope to do this as I have dozens of mags for that gun and would like to run the same as my Sub2k. It’s just a slight cut that should not effect it at all. Has anyone here done this?

Would you have a link for this?

I really enjoy mine, but have had issues with the ejector. M*CARBO has a kit you will want to remedy that issue.

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Brownells is sold out, But Ruger has them in stock.


This link is for the Ruger American magwell insert (remember, I only swapped out the ejector clips).

What I ended up doing was getting the Ruger American version. I tried the ejector bend trick on the Glock adapter ejector and immediately broke it. I replaced it with the ejector clip from the S9 magwell insert and still stovepiped almost every 4th round.

After swapping in the Ruger American ejector clip to my Glock magwell insert, it ran flawless. I have no data to back up why, maybe there’s a slight difference in the angle of the Ruger American clip. All I know is that it’s run flawlessly since. Over 2000 rounds later, much of that Tula Ammo non-corrosive steel.

So, M-CARBO PC Carbine receiver & recoil kit with stainless steel extractor. Plus the Ruger American magwell insert ejector clip. I also used Blue loctite on the two main chassis bolts and tightened the takedown barrel as much as functionally possible. This helps with stability and accuracy.

Not necessary, and not sure if any of this helped, but I also filed down any edges or “catch points” on my 31 & 33 rnd Glock mags where they might catch on the lip of the bullet casing. One small strip of electrical tape on the magazine near the release notch for stability.


Would love to own one but they currently only make models with threaded barrels. The communist State of New York says we can’t have that on our guns! I guess they think it turns it into a full auto machine gun that shoots 1000 round 50 caliber clips or something.


Have you tried Bondo or a hacksaw? JB Weld?

I put a scope on mine and I tried a Red Dot too, I never did get a suppressor though. Are you talking about the 10/22 Ruger Charger?

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Sorry, He’s talking about the 9 mm PC Charger.

The 10/20 Charger is fun tack-driver. Super accurate. My son just added a red-dot, a brace adapter (from copper customs) and an SB 913 brace. Copper Custom also makes an AR buffer tube-style adapter for the 10/22 charger.

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@Papapaul Hey Paul. I have to do internet searches on half the firearms mentioned here. I just want to share my findings…

Ruger PC Charger in 9mm (PC = Pistol Chambered).


Slightly modified…

Versus a Ruger Charger 10/22.

Mine stock out of the box…

Mine now “slightly” modified…


Picked it up today and love the look and feel of this thing already. I have already modified two of my M&P mags and they fit and “click” like they should. Going to the range this weekend to make sure they fire correctly in all the different guns I use them in. Assuming all things go well I will mod the rest of my mags. :slight_smile:

It is such a convenience to have multiple guns that use the same magazines, Glock guys have been spoiled for too long, it’s nice to have the option not to be a Glock guy!


@BiteYaHard Congrats Brian! Perhaps a few pics after your mods? Everyone here loves gun porn.


@TexasEskimo No doubt will post some pix ASAP. I need to get a brace for this thing that won’t break the bank first lol


Going with a folding brace perhaps?

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I’ve had mine for about a year now, got it at Shoot Point Blank for 699.00 I think. All I’ve done is add a trigger, one made for it but I can’t remember which one and I installed a Romeo5 red dot, folding brace and a foregrip. It’s a fun gun for me but nothing I’d want to have to carry into battle.

Someone mentioned stove piping, I’ve probably run only 500 rounds thru it so far but I’ve yet to experience any issues with ejection or feeding. I’ve not been terribly impressed with its accuracy though and I wish there was a binary trigger made for it.

Anyone else installed a binary trigger in any of their black rifles? I have one in the .300 blackout I built pictured to the left of the PC Charger and one in my Ruger AR556 pictured to the right of the Daniel Defense DDM4V7. They aren’t terribly practical but boy are they fun!